Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Update

Things have been a little hectic around our house. Between work and everything else I haven't had time to read blogs or update my blog. I'll do a quick run down before I head to bed for the evening. It's been a log week.

- The new job is going great. I am loving it more than I dreamed possible.

- Kassidy made the travel volleyball team for Spring. We are so happy for her.

- Lauren and the baby are doing well. LW and I got to hear the heart beat on Monday and it melted our hearts.

- LW is busy with basketball as usual.

All in all we are all doing great. Just trying to stay focused.

I want to take the time to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you will be able to spend it with your family and friends. We will be having Thanksgiving breakfast with my family at our house and dinner at LW's sister's house. I can't wait to see the families and spend time with them.

Holiday Blessings!