Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday LaVoice!

I want to send out a special birthday wish to my blogging buddy LaVoice. She has been such a wonderful lady to get to know. If you want to stop by and send your wishes I know she'd be so happy.

LaVoice has been like a grandmother to me. I never really got to know my grandparents so it's been such a lovely treat getting to know her through her blog. And as soon as my wedding/engagement picture arrive(ordered them yesterday), I will show you the lovely picture frame she gave us as a wedding present. It goes so wonderfully with our living room.

Happy Birthday dear LaVoice! May you have many more years filled with love and sunshine! You deserve only the best!


LV said...

Danica, you really know how to touch an old lady's heart. That is so sweet of you. I have had a great birthday and will not celebrate with my family until Saturday due to their work schedules. I am honored and so pleased that you did this just for me. You know I always have your best interest at heart. Thank you.

Julie D said...

Happy birthday, LV! I left you a comment on your blog but wanted to say so here too! :)