Friday, July 22, 2011

Professional Wedding Pictures

I'm beyond thrilled with our amazing photographer. He captured the true spirit of our wedding day and I couldn't be happier. There was so much love and happiness on that day. It's wonderful to see our love and happiness shine through in our photos.

Below is a sneak peek at some of our photos. We don't have them back yet, but these are the few that I was able to snag from his FB.

All photos were taken by Jeffrey Horvath Photography.

I don't know how he made this picture so cool. He took this picture of our flowers while they were sitting on the desk in the hotel room!

I love this cute picture of us kissing right before we were to get into the limo and head to the ceremony.

One of my favorite pictures of us!

The new Mr. and Mrs. LW.

Us girls with our varying colored dresses and shoes.

This was taken right as I had seen LW for the first time.

I love this picture of both of our families and bridal party.

This was so fun to take! We are throwing skittles (my favorite candy) in the air!

My new daughters.



LV said...

Sorry for delay in commenting. My AC situation finally has been fixed. Had to get entire new system. I love all your pictures. The are so good of each one. I even like dark ones. However, the color is hard to beat. You look like one the "girls" to me.I hope LW realizes how lucky he is. TAKE CARE.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Beautiful photos, Danica! LOVE the colors. Oh, happy day! Best of luck to you! XOXO

ModernMom said...

I actually teared up looking at these pictures! Congrats to you my friend! You truly look gorgeous and oh so very happy. Yeah you!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

The happiness is screaming in each of the pictures. You are such a beautiful bride, Danica. How's married life??

Tooje said...

What wonderful, wonderful photos. You're right, they totally captured a FEELING. Love the dresses, love the shoes, love the colors. I'm so happy for you!

gayle said...