Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Signing Off

Well this is my last official post before becoming Mrs. LW. It's been quite a journey for us.

I have written my own vows, though not as beautiful as perhaps others have written, but none the less they mean something to me. I think I may need to tweak them a bit, but we'll see. I'm always so picky when it comes to stuff like that!

I'll be gone for a good bit of time, so I'm not sure how much blogging or blog reading I'll be able to do. My Dad flies in tonight from Las Vegas and will be spending a few days with me before heading to my brother's while I'm away on a honeymoon. After the honeymoon he'll come back and spend some time with me.

I'll try my best to pop over and say hello to everyone, but if I don't, please have a very nice few weeks!

Looking forward to catching up when I return!


Allison said...

Congratulations and good luck! I hope everything is beautiful! ((HUGS))

ModernMom said...

So excited for you! Wishing you an amazing day and a lifetime of happness!

Dee said...

Congrats and good luck boo. So happy for you!! I hope your wedding day is as beautiful as you've been dreaming it would be!!

gayle said...

You must be getting so excited!! I know your wedding is going to be wonderful! Enjoy every minute of it...I know you will! Can't wait to see pictures when you do return!

LV said...

Just a few more days, and you can relax. I trust everything goes as you want. Have a wonderful, safe honeymoon trip. Look forward to your return. Whatever your last name changes to, you will always be just Danica to me.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You're going to have a wonderful time with the love of your life! I can't wait to hear and see the pictures. Enjoy ever precious moment! Congratulations to you both!!