Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Tidbits

I have been getting lots of questions from bloggers on this and that pertaining to my wedding. In an effort to answer everyone I'll do a quick post and throw in a few questions and answers I think you may have. :-)

~ We are not telling anyone what song we are walking in to at the reception. We want it to be a surprise and be something that completely identifies with the people we are. We told the girls one thing, and will surprise them with another.

~ We are serving amish chicken, salad, bread, fresh veggies, meatless pasta and garlic potatoes.

~ It is an open bar. :-) Lord help us because some of our friends like to drink.

~ My dad is walking me down the aisle.

~ There will be some kind of rememberance of my Mom at the ceremony. Whether we write something up in the program or whatever, but we will do something. LW's father passed away in a terrible car accident when LW was 1 so we'll also be remembering him also.

~ Kassidy and Lauren will be walking back up the aisle with us after we are announced husband and wife. I want us to all be holding hands.

~ LW and I will be seeing each other before the wedding. We will most likely see each other for the first time at the hotel the girls and I will be staying at the night before.

~ The girls and I are staying at a hotel the night before and LW will be staying at the house. A limo will pick him up and bring him to me at the hotel, where we will meet for the first time. The limo will then take us to the park where we had our first official date for our bridal party pictures.

~ My something old will be my Mother's wedding ring from my Dad.

~ My something blue will be an old garter that was my Mother's. She wore it on her wedding day to my Dad.

~ My something new will be the earrings that LW is going to buy me as a wedding present.

~ My something borrowed.....well I don't have that one yet. I'd like to borrow something special from someone, but I don't know what? Ideas?

~ I will without a doubt cry when I see LW for the first time. I cannot even begin to tell you how deep my love for him is. I feel this special connection. And to this day, I STILL get butterflies when I see him at glance at me.

~ I am changing my last name, even though I really and truly do not want to. The girls really want me to so I have said that I would.

~ The table names at our reception are going to be some of LW's favorite basketball teams.

~ Our favors and place cards are going to be Whirly Pops (big lollipops). They are going to look like flowers coming out of some fake grass.

I think that's about all I can think of at the moment!

I can't wait to see it all come together. It's starting to become all so real!


LV said...

Sounds like you have it all worked out. I feel like I have been to the wedding after reading your post. I truly pray you will always be as happy as you are today. I feel like sometimes, you are someone I have known and cared about a long time. Keep an eye on Julie if you have an open bar. Just sip, but keep your mind clear.

Julie D said...

Hey now! I can read this! LOL

Trust me, I am the LEAST of her friends that you should worry about imbibing too much! haha And, I have a designated driver (my honey doesn't drink) so even if I do get a tad tipsy, I'll be fine!

Julie D said...

LV, isn't that the best part of making "bloggy friends"? I have met a couple in person that will forever be lifelong friends, and even a couple that I haven't met yet but at some point will.

When I went to Vegas two years ago and met Linda Lou and Darlene, it literally when I saw them was just like seeing old friends I hadn't seen in awhile. There was no weirdness, no awkwardness like we were strangers at all.

Maybe someday we'll all meet too! :)

Unknown said...

You're right, Danica. It really is all coming together. I like what you said about falling deeply in love with LW. I also like that the girls are included in the ceremony because although the two of you are getting married, you are officially blending hearts into a family. I'm so excited!

Julie D said...

Come see my new blog layout when you have time! :)

gayle said...

This is so exciting reading all your wedding plans! Do you have a friend that you could borrow a little hankie from...since you said you would could dab your eyes with it. Also, my daughter had candles lite to remember her grandpa and her husbands grandpa.