Friday, April 29, 2011

One month, two weeks and six days

until I'm Mrs. LW.

May 5th is the anniversary of our engagement so just incase I do not get a chance to blog, here is a picture from that very day.

I still get goosebumps when I think about that evening and how much it meant to both of us to be surrounded by friends.

I still get goosebumps when I see him for the first time after a long day at work.

And I still get goosebumps when he kisses me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Candy, glorious candy!

These little beauties, all 140 of them, arrived on my door step on Friday:

Can you just say, heaven?

I've honestly never tried one before, but I can't wait to sink my little chompers into one. However, these little bad boys are for the wedding.

I will be trying to replicate this:

I can't wait to share with you how they turn out. I am slowly starting to get them put together. At first I was going to have a kind of lime green bow, but now I am changing my mind and leaning more towards the pink. Since our invites are pink and orange.

Stay tuned on how they turn out. I can't wait!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Month Mark

Folks we are officially two months away from me getting married. :-) It's amazingly scary! There is so much excitement and love this time around. The girls are happy, I'm happy, LW is happy....we are all just anxious for the day to arrive. And for the first time...I'm really nervous.

I wrapped up some last minute decisions last night and I couldn't be more thrilled. The lollipops for the favors/place cards have been ordered and the hotel for the night before and the night of the wedding has been booked.

And in big news...the invites hit the mail box Friday afternoon!!! Many of our friends have already received their invites. We must have super quick mail delivery in Ohio! I'll try to capture a good picture of our invites to share with everyone. My friend Julie M made them and she did an AMAZING job. I couldn't be more thrilled with how they turned out. I'm receiving countless comments on them.

There is only one last detail to wrap up and that wedding ring. I can't find anything at all. Truth be told though, I haven't looked in over a month. I do plan on getting back to the store in the next couple of weeks though. It's time I made a decision. :-)

Dress alterations should begin shortly....and then all will be well.

It's coming...faster than I could have ever imagined and I just.can't.wait.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Tidbits

I have been getting lots of questions from bloggers on this and that pertaining to my wedding. In an effort to answer everyone I'll do a quick post and throw in a few questions and answers I think you may have. :-)

~ We are not telling anyone what song we are walking in to at the reception. We want it to be a surprise and be something that completely identifies with the people we are. We told the girls one thing, and will surprise them with another.

~ We are serving amish chicken, salad, bread, fresh veggies, meatless pasta and garlic potatoes.

~ It is an open bar. :-) Lord help us because some of our friends like to drink.

~ My dad is walking me down the aisle.

~ There will be some kind of rememberance of my Mom at the ceremony. Whether we write something up in the program or whatever, but we will do something. LW's father passed away in a terrible car accident when LW was 1 so we'll also be remembering him also.

~ Kassidy and Lauren will be walking back up the aisle with us after we are announced husband and wife. I want us to all be holding hands.

~ LW and I will be seeing each other before the wedding. We will most likely see each other for the first time at the hotel the girls and I will be staying at the night before.

~ The girls and I are staying at a hotel the night before and LW will be staying at the house. A limo will pick him up and bring him to me at the hotel, where we will meet for the first time. The limo will then take us to the park where we had our first official date for our bridal party pictures.

~ My something old will be my Mother's wedding ring from my Dad.

~ My something blue will be an old garter that was my Mother's. She wore it on her wedding day to my Dad.

~ My something new will be the earrings that LW is going to buy me as a wedding present.

~ My something borrowed.....well I don't have that one yet. I'd like to borrow something special from someone, but I don't know what? Ideas?

~ I will without a doubt cry when I see LW for the first time. I cannot even begin to tell you how deep my love for him is. I feel this special connection. And to this day, I STILL get butterflies when I see him at glance at me.

~ I am changing my last name, even though I really and truly do not want to. The girls really want me to so I have said that I would.

~ The table names at our reception are going to be some of LW's favorite basketball teams.

~ Our favors and place cards are going to be Whirly Pops (big lollipops). They are going to look like flowers coming out of some fake grass.

I think that's about all I can think of at the moment!

I can't wait to see it all come together. It's starting to become all so real!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Matron of Honor

I finally have a picture of my Matron of Honor's dress. It's such a beautiful shade of pink and will look totally amazing on her.

I can't wait to see all four of us together with our bright, fun colors.

On a side note, our wedding invites have arrived so I spent some time this weekend working on them. In a couple of weeks they will be going out in the mail. It's hard to believe that as of today I am 11 weeks away from being Mrs. LW.

The last major item to purchase is my wedding ring. I just can't decide what I want. I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks I'll be able to find something!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A difficult moment.

They say with time the past becomes easier.

What I can say is you never forget, if even for a brief moment you are reminded of a loved ones passing.

Last week my beautifully talented niece played a part in her school musical. One of my proudest moments as an Aunt because I too loved to be on the stage in front of everyone showcasing my talents.

It is always a trek to my brother's house. He lives an hour away and while that's not far, it's a boring drive. It is however one of the many things I enjoyed doing with my Mother. I always picked her up for my niece's and nephew's school functions. We would talk until we couldn't talk any more and just laugh like no one was listening. We had some of the best conversations in our hour drive.

Sunday rolled around and as I was showering I had an instinct to call my Mom and ask her if she would like to ride with me to Kendra's musical since LW had basketball that day.

After three years, I STILL feel the urge to pick up the phone and call her.

I thought that would go away.

All it does is make you sad, and remind of you of things your loved ones are missing out on.

It hurt.

And if only for a moment, I could hear her voice say "I'll be in the lobby waiting on you."

I can still see her sitting out front of her assisted living community, on a warm summer day, dressed in her mismatched clothing, with her glasses changing colors with sun, smiling and telling everyone that her daughter is coming to pick her up for this or that. And as I would get out of the car to help her into it, her friends would say "I've heard this or that about you."

So as I made that drive to my brother's....alone...with the sun shining in my face, I could see a glimpse of her sitting in my passenger seat (I still have the same car), smiling at me, telling me about all of her latest adventures, I am reminded, just how much I truly miss her face...her voice...her laugh...her cry....her hugs.

For today will never be the same without her.

But there's always tomorrow.