Monday, March 28, 2011

Lauren's dress is in!

I'm so excited that all of our dresses are finally in. SHEW I was beginning to think that Lauren's would never come in. We ordered her dress a week before Kassidy's and Kassidy's dress came in easily a month ago.

Lauren is going to look so beautiful in her dress.

Oh a scary note, I ended up needing to order Kassidy's shoes for the wedding and because I had to do so, her shoes will not be in until May 15th! I'm grateful I ordered them when I did because we could have seriously been cutting this a little close.

Next up is finding rehersal dinner clothes for all of us. :-)

Less than 3 months away.

That's crazy talk!


LV said...

I you can be patient a little longer, it will all fall into place on time. This is such a pretty color for her dress. The way time is going by, it will be here quicker than you think. You have done a lot of planning and anticipation into all this. Trust things work out the way you want. Take care.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Beautiful color. Lauren is going to be gorgeous wearing it. I can't wait to see everyone at the wedding. Aren't you excited? I am for you!!

ModernMom said...

Oh it is gorgeous!! I am so excited for you. 3 months now? Time to start counting in days:)

gayle said...

Her dress is beautiful and I love the color!! I know you are getting so excited!!