Monday, March 28, 2011

Lauren's dress is in!

I'm so excited that all of our dresses are finally in. SHEW I was beginning to think that Lauren's would never come in. We ordered her dress a week before Kassidy's and Kassidy's dress came in easily a month ago.

Lauren is going to look so beautiful in her dress.

Oh a scary note, I ended up needing to order Kassidy's shoes for the wedding and because I had to do so, her shoes will not be in until May 15th! I'm grateful I ordered them when I did because we could have seriously been cutting this a little close.

Next up is finding rehersal dinner clothes for all of us. :-)

Less than 3 months away.

That's crazy talk!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Over the weekend I finally convinced LW that he needed to go pick out his tux. He has been stalling for quite some time. Not sure what his delay was other than...."well what happens if I lose weight". People...he's skinny to begin with. He doesn't need to lose weight. But he has this freakish feeling that he may drop another 10/15 pounds before the wedding. I calmly told him...if that happens, we'll go back in and have you measured. No big deal.

With that said we were on our way.

He struggled with what to get. Two buttons? Three bottoms? BLAH BLAH BLAH So many choices! He appeared to be overwhelemed.

Finally he settled on this tux....with a cream shirt.

However when it came to picking out the vest and tie (no bow tie) colors, I got free regin. He seems a little disappointed in my color choices, but's a bright, fun wedding!

LW will be wearing this color vest and tie to match my dress:

The best man will be wearing this color vest and tie to match the matron of honor's dress:

I wanted my dad to match Lauren's dress (purple) but I couldn't find a different patterned vest and tie. I wanted all of them to be in a different vest and tie. In order to do that, I had to put my dad in a vest and tie that matched the color of Kassidy's dress:

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but all three vests have a different pattern. The fabric is the same exact match to the bridal store where I purchased my dress. Apparently they are 'linked in' together.

I'm so excited to see how it all turns out.

It finally feels like everything is pulling together nicely. And for that I couldn't be happier!

Next up..... booking the limo!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ceremony and Reception Site

I finally have pictures of the location of our ceremony and wedding site. A couple of weeks back we met with the event planner and while we were there I was able to snap some pictures.

The first picture is of our ceremony site. Pending any rain, we will be married outside. On either side of the cement aisle will be beautiful white chairs. In the center of the arbor will be a small round table drapped in orange fabric with a large spray of tropical flowers. We'll also have our sand ceremony kit at the alter as well. The steel drum will be playing off to the side (not part of the picture) and of course the trees will be in full bloom.

For the reception we will have white chairs with white table clothes (as shown) but we'll have colored napkins (lime green, pink, orange and purple) and the centerpieces for the table will be tropical flowers. The far left corner will be the cake which will sit on a round table with an orange overlay. To the center is the dance floor and to the right will be the DJ. The bar is off to the left behind me when I took the picture as well is the entrance.

So far it's all coming together nicely. This weekend LW is picking out his tux so I can't wait to share that with you.

It's funny how my blog is turning out to be all about the wedding. After the wedding, I wonder what I will blog about!?!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Ring

Recently I had ordered LW's wedding ring online. Never in a million years would I think to order a ring online, but I had a couple of friends who had done so, so I thought we would try it out, since LW is not too picky about what he wants.

We went with a titanium ring 7mm ring with a small round diamond in the center. I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out.

My only complaint is, we tried on various titanium rings at the jewelry store and of course we used the sizers that the ring company sent us. When the ring arrived it wasn't quite as snug as we would have hoped it would have been. We talked about sending it back, but LW was worried about if he gains weight when he gets older what would happen since they can't resize the ring (guess he's sentimental like that). So we opted to order these rubber ring sizers that fit inside the ring. Pretty snazy.

When I asked him what he thought, he said he loved the ring but that it felt 'weird' having something on that finger (or his fingers in general). The man is 45 years old...never been married, never worn jewelry, won't wear a watch, so I suppose it will feel weird. But a good weird as he said.

I love that man.