Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Hair

It has taken me forever to decide on what I am going to do with my hair for the wedding. For those that don't know me, I have short blonde hair. I love my hair, but for the most part I can only style it one of two ways, and none of those styles include putting any kind of 'hair accessory' in my hair.

I knew right off I didn't want a veil.

I knew whatever I was going to use had to have bling, but have NO color since my dress,shoes and flowers are so colorful.

I've tried headbands....hated them.

I've tried tiaras....hated them.

I've even tried clip on flowers from the bridal store....hated them.

Then low and behold my friend Liz, found a vendor on Etsy that sold these beautifully handmade bridal hair flowers. I was estatic! I ordered it the very day she showed it to me.

I was so happy when it came in this week.

But when I tried it on, I hated it.


So I thought....maybe it's just how my hair was styled that day that was causing me to dislike it so much. Funny thing is, I had a hair appointment last night for a weave and cut so I thought I'd take the flower along. Low and behold, she placed that flower in my hair and instantly I could see myself walking down the aisle with that little piece of bling in my hair.

I fell in love all over again.

My hair lady even sent me a message this morning letting me know she had found the perfect hairstyle that would work perfectly with that flower.

All is well in the world again. :-)


Liz said...

I'm so glad it's going to work!! I love it!

ModernMom said...

One more thing checked off that list! Yeah:)

Julie said...

Nice. Can't wait to see!

Mandy said...

It's so pretty!

But I have to ask, when you say weave and cut, you mean color, right? Not like fake hair weave, right? Because that image is sort of cracking me up.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That's exciting. You have to have the whole included. I can't wait to see it.

Fragrant Liar said...

Oy, so many things to worry about when planning a wedding and you want it to be perfect. Exciting and hair-er-raising, right? I think no matter how you wear your hair, it's going to be perfect! But that white flower will be a great accent piece. :-)

LV said...

Always so pleased when I see you have been by for a visit. When it all comes together, and the ceremony is in process, your hair is the last thing you need to be thinking of. All eyes of course will be on you, but you have plenty of time to decide on the hairpiece. This would probably look very nice, but hard to judge without seeing. Relax and clear you mind, and things will fall into place.

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Hey there,

So glad that the hair thing is working itself out! I was just trying flowers in my hair yesterday as I was shopping for my wedding dress. I had pixie cut hair for so many years of my life and though I loved it, it can be a bit limiting so I feel ya! I'm sure you'll look absolutely lovely.

gayle said...

Can't wait to see your hairstyle!!