Friday, December 17, 2010

The Wedding Dress

I couldn't wait to show you all my dress so I will show you the picture of the dress from the bridal website.

My dress, however, will NOT have a train and where you see 'tan' on the dress, I will have orange. :-) I'm a lover of all things orange.

I ordered it the week of Thanksgiving so it will take another two months for it to come in. It was a special order.

And here is my Matron of Honor's dress. She will look so beautiful in it. Her dress has already arrived and is home safe and sound with her. She will be wearing a watermelon color (not pictured). which is actually a hot pink color.

We have yet to order the dresses for the girls. Kassidy picked a new color (lime green) that will not be available until January so we had to post pone ordering her dress. And since we posted poned Kassidy's we post poned Lauren's because she wanted to see what new strapless styles are being released in January as well. She has picked a royal purple color.

I'm so excited to see how all of the colors are going to flow together. It's going to be a very bright summer wedding!

Let the planning begin!

LW will be wearing an orange tie to match me and the best man will be wearing watermelon to match the matron of honor.


gayle said...

Oh I love your wedding dress!! Can't wait to see you in it! I know you are going to be beautiful!! The colors of the other dresses will look so nice together summer flowers!