Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Monday

This post is in honor of my blogging friend LaVoice, who every Monday hosts "Blue Monday". LV is such a wonderful, caring, compasionate lady. She's over 80 years old and amazes me every day with her blogging and camera skills. I couldn't love her anymore if she were my very own grandmother. Such a treat to know her....even if it is only through blog land.

Friday I came home from work and in my mailbox was this beautiful ornament LV had gotten for me.

I must say it brought tears to my eyes, as it was the most thoughtful, spontaneous gift I have ever received from someone I have not met in person. It honestly reminded me of something my Mom would do for a stranger. My Mom was always the giving type, even when she had nothing to give.

So thank you LaVoice. From the bottom of my heart. I will treasure it always just as I treasure you!

And here is the ornament proudly displayed on my Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!


Julie D said...

LV is great, isn't she? What a beautiful and kind gift.

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! Nont only is that beauiful, but what a sweet act of kindness. Thanks for sharing. t still amazies me what an amazing place this bloggy world is.

LV said...

Any little thing I can do to make someone happy, brings me great pleasure. I am so glad you are pleased with it. Some people just have a way about them you cannot forget. I only wish you the best life has to offer. May you and loved ones have a very good, safe holiday. Check out my post Tuesday if you have time. I am one of those that had rather give than receive.

Unknown said...

So very precious to receive something unexpected but yet so meaningful. It's gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Danica.