Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm here!

Life sometimes just gets in the way! I've tried to keep up with blogging but it's been difficult!

Some things the family has been in to:

....Kassidy is finishing up volleyball. She's been amazing! I haven't missed one game and I have yelled and screamed for her and taken a gazillion pictures! What proud momma wouldn't??

....Lauren is doing well in college. She's been sick the last couple of days. Infact at one point or another the entire house has been sick!

....LW has been busy with officating volleyball and now that he is almost finished with that, he'll be off to officiating basketball. Love that I have a man who actually has hobbies!

Me, well I've been up to a lot:

....working on my holiday crafts

....signed up with a personal trainer. Working on day two tonight!

....socializing with friends

....went sky diving this summer

....planning a wedding

....planning an amazing honeymoon

....working off and on insane hours

....working out as much as I can

....trying to find an inexpensive family vacation for next year. The rule in our house is every year we have to get together as a family and do something. Doesn't have to be fancy, but we have to spend more than three days together having fun! I want to keep this rule for when the girls grow up and have their own families.

....attended an OSU game (no comments on that bad loss last week - ha)

....had a scavenger hunt for my friend's 30th birthday (now that was fun!)

....got a new computer at home. We went cheap, but it's working fine, so I couldn't be happier! Just working on rebuilding and restoring the stuff I lost.

....attended a graduation party for a friend who graduated with his masters degree

....had a few of LW's basketball official friends over for a cookout

....attended an autism speaks walk and after party

....took Lauren and Kassidy to have pictures done

I know I'm leaving a lot out! But now that I have my computer fixed at home, I'll try to get on this week and post our life in pictures from the summer!

And I will do my best to get to each of your blogs this week as well.

Happy Tuesday!