Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It seems these days I can't keep up with blogging or even reading blogs. I'm at a busy spot at work, and with two kids at home, the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit in front of a computer all evening.

The kids are great.

Lauren got a job and started this week. She'll be working at the local mall in the Abercrombie and Fitch store. I can't wait to use her discount! She's on track to start college at the end of September. So all in all, Lauren is doing great living back in Ohio.

Kassidy has been so fun this summer. We've kept her busy with a week at Grandma's and this week she is at an over night camp. From what we can tell from the camp's website, Kassidy is having a blast and making new friends. We've been able to see pictures of her. Ah the technology!

Wedding planning is **trying** to come along. We thought we had a reception place nailed down, but then I happened upon two other locations that will need less work to decorate and cater than the original place, so we're setting up meetings to over over everything with the other locations. We have an email into the cake lady, a date set up to speak with the photographer, a DJ already booked and an appointment with the travel agent to discuss the honeymoon. So plans are progressing.

Work is insane. I'm the test lead for 9 people, and every last one of them are keeping me on my toes. I've worked late evenings, I've worked weekends, I've worked from home. I'm spent. But it's been good for me to be in this leadership role. And I'm blessed to have a job.

Yesterday marked 6 months since I've had my hysterectomy. I actually took some time to reflect on the changes that have occured. The bad: I'm ubber sensitive, I'm hot all of the time, I'm irratible a little more than normal, I have crazy headaches but the good: I'm PAIN FREE and it feels terrific. I'm doing things that may have held me back 6 months ago. I have more energy than before. I feel terrific! I still get a little down when I think about not having my own children, but having LW's girls home, has made me realize that I AM a mother. Even Lauren told me Sunday that I make a better mother than most Mom's she knows. She always reminds me that even though she's not mine, that she loves me and that I am still her mom. And every now and then when she calls me Momma D or calls me her parent, I get chills. It feels good to know that a Mother doesn't have to give birth to her children to know that she's a mother. And gosh darn it, I'm a mother and I'm good at it. And every day I will remind those girls how much they mean to me. And every day I will do what's best for them. And every single day they will know I am here for them for as long as humanly possible, for I am THEIR mother.

So life is good. Just busy!

Google Wednesday will be back I promise!

And the next time I post, I hope to post pictures from Lauren's graduation party we had in Ohio for her and our 4th of July pictures from our trip to D.C.

I'll be back my bloggin friends!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

I hear you! Life is so freakin' busy. Sounds like you're doing well, though. I can't believe it's been 6 months! Man, time flies...

LV said...

It is good to stay busy. However, we do have to take time out as well. This way your are keeping your mind sharp and thinking. That is good as you have a lot more to think about now. Take care Happy Girl.

Stephanie said...

Aww This post made me a little misty eyed! You may be lucky to have those girls in your life but WOW are they luck to have you. You are a great parent!

Oh and your wedding plans sound like they are rolling right along! So fabulous!

gayle said...

You are right you are their mom!!! You sound soo busy!!