Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm emotionally and physically swamped these days.

Brief re-cap:

Lauren moved home. She's been great. She's trying to find a job but in the mean time she's watching Kassidy and a friend during the day while we're at work. She starts college in the fall and is even thinking of trying out for the basketball team. Love that girl.

Kassidy is at our house for the summer. It's been challenging because we all know how difficult the pre-teen years are, but I hope she knows we love her and are here for her.

Work has been crazy. In fact I'll be logging off of here in a minute to log into work. Lots of overtime in the next month...ugh. But I'm blessed to have a job, so I will not complain.

LW is great. Busy as well. He just got home from a camping trip with some friends, so I'm anxious to hear how it went. He's sleeping right now!

Wedding planning is coming along. I'll post all of the details as they start to be nailed down.

I'll do my best to get better at posting. My life has been about the kids lately and I'm so high strung that I can't keep it all organized very well!

I will say I took Kassidy to the Justin Bieber concert last night with some friends. The girls had a blast. The adults...well...we were there to support our girls love of this baggy pants wearing, kid who I thought was 12 but is really 16. HA

Have a great week everyone. Stop back in for Google Wednesday!


LV said...

Having teenagers around will be a challenge for all of you. If each one will work and wants to bond as a family it will. It will be a bigger adjustment for you than the man in your life. I sincerely trust that all this works out for everyone's pleasure. You deserve more than you have had.

Unknown said...

I'm so happy that Lauren is home. Is she sharing a room with Kassidy or does she have her own?

Hang in there with the pre-teen. It's so typical and be careful with her trying to play you against LW and vice versa.

Can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans!

jmt said...

From no kids to two kids....what an adjustment. :)

It seems that this summer is keeping everyone busy, so just keep your head about you and have fun with the planning, the kiddos, the family. Enjoy!

LV said...

Thank you for a big shock and surprise today (6-28). Did not know your email, so for now this is just to let you know I received it. Next week it will be featured on a post. Thanks until then.

gayle said...

Teenagers are so very hard!! My girls (in their thirtys) were great but at the time I didn't think so!! I would NOT want to do it over again. Just make sure they know ( and I know you do) that you love them. I hated my step mom b/c she never show me love. Omg ~ TMI