Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is my last post for a week or so.

I'm outta here!

Friday morning at the crisp hour of 6:02am my plane leaves from Ohio headed to the sunny state of Arizona. In tow will be Kassidy and LW. The occasion you may ask? Lauren graduates high school!

I know I'll be one of those proud momma's sitting in the stand crying my eyes out. I've only personally met Lauren in March, but I've dated her daddy for over two years and as of last week, I'm engaged to her dad. Even before I met Lauren I knew I loved her. I had her pictures proudly displayed all through the house even beore I laid my eyes on her pretty smile. Soon she will be my daughter so rightfully so I'm allowed to shed those tears. I'll probably cry more when Kassidy graduates though, because I will have spent longer time watching Kassidy grow up into a young woman. Lauren has already grown into that beautiful young woman.

::wiping tears away::

While in AZ we plan to take the girls to the Grand Canyon, have a re-do session on Lauren's senior pictures, attend a BBQ in Lauren's honor, watch her graduate, and spend quality time as a family.

By the middle of next week, we plan to leave AZ and drive four hours to see my dad in Laughlin, NV. In Nevada we plan to pop over to Oatman, AZ to see the donkeys and visit Lake Havasu in AZ where I will connect with my elementary school BFF (thank you Facebook!). So I guess we aren't doing much in NV other than hanging out at the casino we are staying at: Don Lauglin's Riverside Resort. Believe me when I say this place is nothing like Vegas, but for my dad it's been his home for almost 19 years, so it's home for me too. I know my way around there with my eyes closed.

I'll do my best to get pictures loaded quickly upon my return. And I'll try hard to catch up on everyone's blogs. But in the mean time I hope everyone has a great weekend and week ahead...stay safe, stay warm and have fun.

::putting my sunglasses on, or if you're in Ohio gloshes!::

Peace out friends!


Allison said...

Safe travels, lady!! Have a great time!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sounds like some wonderful plans! Hope all goes well! Congrats to Lauren on her accomplishments. She is gorgeous! All of you are!

If you come through to California on you way to AZ, let me know. I have a feeling you're going the "back way" though.

Take care and safe travels.

gayle said...

Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures!!

Anonymous said...
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Tooj said...

I hope you enjoyed AZ!! Congrats to Lauren. :)