Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I failed big time last night!!

Just last week I ran 2.26 miles and walked 1.2 miles with a pace of 9:43 min/miles totally 3.46 miles. Well folks, last night I bombed it all.

I finished with....get this...10:45 min/miles.

What the heck? I ran 3.35 miles and walked .08 miles! What the heck??? I'm walking faster than I run.

I was so utterly disappointed last night that I wanted to throw the towel in and admit defeat. I can only think that the reason why I was so slow was because my legs are starting to feel like weights after the second mile. I hope this is normal. My breathing is crazy under control and I feel good there. It's just been hard to get my legs cranking on the third mile without walking. I'm sure the two Vanilla Waffers I ate before I ran didn't help either. :-(

So I hang my head in shame today. I know it's still an accomplishment, but I might as well have walked the whole thing if I'm going to post a time like that.

I'll try again on Saturday morning though. Tonight is a rest up day and tomorrow I'll be lifting weights at the gym and doing mild cardio on the elliptical.

I can't quit now, no matter how upset and disappointed I am.


ModernMom said...

Your last sentence says it all! You can't quit now!
PS This non-runner. Still way impressed:)

Colleen said...

D - it happens to all of us! There are so many things that can play into a run. Tom and I go from 7:50's to 9:30's all the time. Some days you feel it and some days you don't. You are still new to the whole thing and you're body is going to react to rest, fatigue, stress, etc different. You definitely didn't fail if you ran 10:45's though and you need to know that.

I think you'll find that you are a tad slower when you run the entire thing because you don't get that "break". With time, your pace will increase and you'll be comfortable knowing "your pace" - a pace that you run fairly consistently. But know, there will be days when you are faster and days when you are slower.

We've been running 7+ years and still vary! Don't stress it!