Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In the beginning of April(end of March actually) I started my journey to run a half marathon. By no means will I finish in the amazing amount of time that my friend Colleen (who BTW if you don't know her is an amazing athlete!) can run a half marathon in, but I must admit I have gotten so much better over the recent weeks.

I keep a log of everything I do from...what I do at the gym, to what I run at home, to how many minutes I sit in the sauna. I won't bore you with the mindless details that mean nothing to you, but I will say that I ran 69.69miles this month! May not seem like a lot to some of you athletes out there, but to me, it means that I didn't sit on my ass every day for a month; it means that I cared enough about my goal to work on it; it means I'm putting my health first for once; it means I'm 69.69 miles closer to my goal.

I'm proud of myself. It's not been an easy journey at all. I was born with a hip disorder which severly limits me from running every day and sometimes every other day. The pain from it can be excurciating thus the reason why I've been at the gym more, so that I can work through the pain on less harder cardio machines. If it wasn't running it would be something else causing me issues (heck even sitting on an airplane for too long can send me into pain). But I push through because I can..and because I want to achieve this goal. I also injured my knee in a rollarblading accident 11 years ago, so I've had to push through those issues as well.

But I'm kicking butt and taking names. And I'm proud!

Thursday of last week, for the first time since I was in my 20's, I ran for 2.26 miles....without stopping! I ended up finishing 3.46 miles in my best time yet...9:43 min/miles.

Amazing for someone like me struggling with old injuries.

But I refuse to let my injuries run my life. I've been monitoring my pain level though and if I feel like I can't do it, then I won't, but I certainly won't sit home. If I can't run, then I walk. If I can't walk, then I swim. There's no excuse to not exercise...I just have to find a different form of excersise every now and again.

My goal time to finish the half marathon in is in 2 hours and 45 mins. I want to be under the 3 hour mark. For some of you that may be cake, but for me, suffering from these injuries, it will be an amazing feat....a journey well worth taking.

Tonight I'll be going home and running my normal route which is 3.46 miles. So tonight I'm going to work on making it 9:35 min/mile. I can do it!!!!

Wish me luck! :-)


Allison said...

That's fantastic, Danica! And I'm so impressed by you pushing through your injuries! I would be impressed by someone who just walked a half-marathon, so if you can finish in under 3 hours, I'll bow down ;)

And 69 miles in a month is no small feat. It means you're averaging over 2 miles a day--that's amazing, especially if you're saying you aren't going out every day!!!

Julie said...

Good for you. I'd be hard pressed to run to the bathroom without getting winded. LOL Keep it up!

ModernMom said...

I am way impressed!! Good luck!

LV said...

You wore me out just reading this. I used to walk four miles a day, but no more. I still do all my yard work and walk as much as possible, but still the more exercise you get the better. I am proud of you and you are full of surprises.

gayle said...

Wow you should be very proud of yourself!! I have never been a runner!!

Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................

Julie said...

That is AWESOME! Way to go! Hopefully I'll graduate from running to walking someday! ;)

Colleen said...

Two BIG things...

1.) 69 miles in a month is AWESOME! Like I said before, if anything, don't overdo it! :)

2.) You're goal of a 2:45 is bogus and I'm calling you out on that now! :) I think you are going to be closer to 2:10 at least... although if you keep running these 9 somethings, you'll be undr 2 hours. :)

So proud of you! I love that you are keeping a journal of everything (I'm obsessed with numbers), and I'm glad that you are finding such joy in it! :)

And thanks for the shout out... don't think I'm an amazing athlete - I have you all fooled! :) Just love doing what I do!