Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm back.......

Vacation was a nightmare....a complete and total nightmare.

I'll start with the good stuff though.

Our plane landed. The end.

Seriously it was that bad. Not because of the company we held, or the location, but because LW and I got food poisoning. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E

Our plane landed on Friday morning so we pretty much rushed straight to the mall to meet Lauren so she could get her makeup done and then it was on to her senior picture shoot. We spent two very long hours getting her pictures done, but I have to say, they turned out AMAZING (I have seen the proofs already and I cried my eyes out they were so good.)! Once I get them back I will share them with all of you.

Saturday we had to go back into Glendale to complete the photo shoot for her out door session. It was suppose to happen on Friday but there was a mix up with the photographer, thus the reason I got a 25% discount on her pictures! Score one for me. Most of Saturday though we spent tooling around Tempe. Neat area.

Sunday Lauren took Kassidy to her house and they swam and played together all day. LW and I had the condo to ourselves for the entire morning and afternoon and we took advantage of it. That was the best day we had the entire trip. It was relaxing and peaceful and we weren't sick....yet. Sunday night I met Lauren's mom, who was very nice to me and is SO BEAUTIFUL (what was LW thinking hooking up with me?). We conversated for a bit and then LW and I took Kassidy to play putt-putt while Lauren hung out with her friends at her graduation party.

Monday had us driving to the Grand Canyon (3 hours each way). Long drive, beautiful scenery. I think the kids expected more, but as always, I enjoyed it. The weather was cooler than I expected so we were grossly under dressed. The high was something like 64/66 that day and here we were in shorts, tanks, AZ weather kind of clothing.

Monday night LW made dinner for Kassidy and I while Lauren went home to rest up for her big day on Tuesday. This would be the reason we were sick....but don't tell LW!

Tuesday was rough. We took Kassidy to the pool while Lauren was getting ready for her graduation. After swimming LW went to lay down while I fed Kass lunch. I ate but I was feeling pretty bad...stomach was crampy and I was feeling a little sick. We all rested and then changed for Lauren's graduation. LW said he was OK but felt kind of sick. Kass felt great. Mind you we all THREE ate the same thing Monday night.

We arrived to Lauren's graduation and sat with Lauren's mom and family. Kass on one side of me, LW on the other, Lauren's Mom next to Kass. Then as quickly as we sat down LW looked at me with sheer panic on his face and said "I don't feel well." He started sweating so much his clothes were soaking wet....and then he passed out. Out cold at his daughter's graduation!!!!! He saw her walk in and then bam....he was out. I'm slapping his face trying to wake him up and it's not working. Finally Lauren's mom ran over to help me because she is a nurse and skilled with this kind of thing. We got him awake and the paramedics took him away. He didn't want to go to the hospital so he stayed in the First Aid station at the arena and watched Lauren walk across the stage to receive her diploma. He was hooked up to all kinds of contraptions though....monitoring his heart because at the time we thought he might be having heart trouble. Ended up his blood sugar was too low from not eating pretty much all day. So I fed him, blood sugar went up, but he was still sick. This whole time I'm trying not to throw up because I feel bad.

After graduation we took the kids to their graduation dinner (Kassidy, Lauren, her boyfriend and a friend), where shortly after taking a couple of bites of food, I started running to the bathroom where I threw up all over the place. Insane!

So that my friends was our trip. Oh wait. There's more!

See after all of that, and after spending a painful night shitting (TMI I know) ourselves to death we had to roll out of bed on Weds afternoon and drive three hours to see my dad in Nevada!



By Weds I was throwing up, crying, saying I can't drive to see my dad. And LW is doubled over in pain saying he can't drive.

We sat there and had to think about how we were going to get to NV because I had to see my dad. See my dad is sick and I honestly don't know how many more days I'll get with him, so it was important for me to see him. So I drove while LW and Kassidy slept. It was the most miserable three hours I have ever spent in a car. I would sip Sprite and much on corners of crackers.

Sad stuff.

Pretty much Weds through Sat we took turns getting sick and taking care of Kassidy. We had to remember that no matter how bad we felt, we still had an 11 year old who needed to eat, and needed entertainment. She didn't know my dad so I didn't feel like I should send her to hang out with him. There were some moments however where we felt okay enough to get out.

I took Kassidy to Oatman, AZ one day to see the donkeys. And on Friday the entire family drove to Lake Havasu to see an old elementary friend of mine whom I hadn't seen since I was in the 4th grade (thank you Facebook!).

But other than that the remainder of the trip was a bust. No energy to really gamble, although I did and lost. No engery to walk through town to see the different casinos. No energy to do any hiking. No energy what so ever.

It was truly sad. My dad was understanding and honestly he took great care of us to the best of his ability.

I'm glad I gathered my composure to go see my dad though. He's doing poorly. He can't see and was moving so slow. I felt like I was watching him die...just as I had my mother. I know I don't have much longer with maybe another year or two if I'm I did the right thing, no matter how crappy (no pun intended!) I felt.

So that my friends is my ridiculous trip. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.


Dee said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry! It sounds awful. I'm glad you're both feeling better though. And that LW got to see his daughter get her diploma!!

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Beautiful girls! I'm sorry that you were so sick the whole time but this is sure to be a story that you will tell time and time again! LOL! And good for you for mustering up enough energy to get to see your dad!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

So sorry you and LW were sick but nothing like being able to take care of one another. Also, that must've been frightening to have him pass out during the ceremony. Did Lauren know all of this was happening?

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. I'm sure she is just as gorgeous as ever!

This will be a trip that you will never forget.

LV said...

I am completely exhausted just reading your story. I cannot start to imagine how all of you felt and being so sick on top of it. Even thought things did no go well for everyone, I am sure your dad felt blessed you made the effort still come to see him. Danica, we were never promised a rose garden, so in hang in, things have to get better.

Syrone said...

I admire your spunk and determination. With the both of you so sick, I would've been tempted to hibernate in bed or give Kassidy a quick driving lesson. I don't know how you managed to bear through it all. Yikes! I look forward to seeing the pictures. Did you ever figure out what it was that made you so sick? Glad to hear you're feeling better and had a nice visit with your dad.

Julie said...

How horrible! That doesn't really sound like food poisoning though especially if Kass didn't get it and she ate the same thing. Just sounds like you two passed a bad virus back and forth.

Glad you're back and feeling better!

Anonymous said...

After a storm comes a calm..............................................

gayle said...

I feel so bad that you had to be sick on your vacation! It's hard when you are away from home and sick!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

YIKES! You poor thing. What a way to spend a vacation, and I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation. Sending positive vibes! XOXO