Friday, March 19, 2010

Lauren's Visit

I'm so terribly sad that she's going home. I have gotten so use to a teenager living in our house. It's funny after a week just how use to it I have gotten. We have so much in common from clothes, to likes and dislikes it's not even funny. Even while I've been at work this week she has called me, texted me and sometimes even waited on me to get home. We've shopped, we've talked, we've spent time together as a family. I absolutely love my girls.

I can't say it's been easy though because teenagers are hard and they are a HUGE influence on their younger sibilings. We did have one incident this week that hurt Dad's feelings but all is resolved now. Teenagers just don't understand how their words impact their younger sibilings. The younger kids hang on every word of their older sibilings. I too was guilty of this with my older sisters.

But all is well and perfect and I HAVE the family I wanted. It would be much better if they lived with us, but we'll manage through the tough times. That's what families do. Dad is a little strict though and I’m working on that. It’s not easy, but according to Lauren, “Dad is much softer than when I was last home” (which was in 2008).

Case and point. Here is a text message between Lauren and I this morning:

Me: I believe Dad will pay for Panama City as your graduation present from him. He was going to talk to Kaylee’s Mom (Lauren’s BFF) to get a feel for how much money you will need. Bring it up to him today.

Lauren: Okay sounds good!

Me: You have to admit I’m softening him up a bit. Still have work to do though!

Lauren: Ur doing a perfect job. Every time Kaylee sees u she’s like Danica is perfect for your dad and I’m like I know it’s like he’s been waiting for something like this all his life! U truly are amazing.

My heart sank and I sat at my desk at work and just cried. Cried because she does love me (when she left to go out the other night with friends she said “Good bye, I love you.”). Cried because she does see that with a little patience and hard work I can help her Dad to understand teenagers and girls in general. Cried because I am going to miss her like crazy. Cried because I want her to live with us forever. Cried because I love my life, even with the little road bumps we had this week. Cried remembering how Lauren called me her step-mom the other day. Cried because life is finally as good as I wanted/hoped it to be.

Lauren goes home Sunday evening. We still have a couple of more days with her. I can’t wait. She’s a great kid. And she is so darn stinking beautiful it’s not even funny.

I’m proud to be her soon to be step-mom. And I’m happy that LW and Lauren’s Mom raised such a beautiful, respectful young lady.

I’m gonna miss her something crazy.

But in less than two months I’ll see her again when we go for her high school graduation in Arizona. And of course she’s coming back this summer!

I’m counting down the days!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear. That's the amazing response I had hoped that you would post. She is definitely your girl!! I'm so glad that you've had the time to really bond and share with one another, face to face. There's nothing to break that love you both have for one another.

I'm speaking from experience....Boo can be either a softie or strict on Baby Boo. I am the balance between the two. I really believe that I see the teen years and her knowing that I have been that and more. Boo has changed in so many ways since I've been a part of his life. Seeing the silly daddy side...him reading stories to her and playing games and just humoring her when she makes pretend's endearing.

I'm loving your family, Danica! I'm so proud of you and the beautiful blessings that you have.

Kristen said...

I love hearing the excitement you have just through your written words! Seriously, I feel as if you are a young giddy girl, and I too am smiling knowing how happy you are!

gayle said...

This is so could have gone such a different way but didn't!! Sounds like you are an amazing woman!!