Monday, March 1, 2010

February Goals Recap

This month was particuarly hard on some of my main goals because of the surgery. I spent the whole month basically confined to my home, recupping. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if I can return to work this week. I can't believe how fast 6 weeks have gone by. While I'm doing good, I have had this nagging pain in my left side up under my rib cage. I hope it's nothing, but sometimes it kills me when I let's hope for the best!

So here is my February recap:

1. Train to run a half marathon

While I haven't been able to train, I have gotten information to sign up with a running group that will help train me!!! So excited. As soon as the doctor releases me, I'm signing up!

2. Plan a skydiving adventure.

I need to get with my friend Emily on this! I'm so going this year!!!

3. Take one vacation instead of two.

This one is still on track. We are taking one family vacation with Kassidy to Arizona. And then some small weekend trips here and there. We will be in Paris next year!

4. Spend more time crafting gifts and cards.

So far I have hand made all of my birthday cards, anniversary, cards, sympathy cards and Valentine's Day cards, thank you cards.

5. Take more classes to work towards my second bachelors degree.

I am signing up to start back June 29th. I'm techincally already signed up, but I want to change the class I'm suppose to take.

6. Not purchase a single pair of pants/shorts/capris (other than PJs – a secret obsession of mine) until I have lost at least 8-10 pounds.

So far I haven't purchased any pants. Although I'll have to forgo this goal and purchase pants for our family pictures in two weeks. UGH

7. Spend more time in the gym with the weights.

I was doing great before surgery. So I'll be back on track soon!

8. Pack my lunch every day but once/twice in a month (we have team lunches or birthday lunches at least once a month).

I've ate in every day this month. HA Easy to do when you're stuck home. :-)

9. Not purchase a new car!

No new car here although I cry for a new car often.

10. Track my spending.

I've been monitoring my spending and doing well. It's nice to see where all of the money is going.

My next project is to work on my 'Bucket List'. I have so many things I want to do before I die, so I plan to work on that list next. I can't wait to see what I come up with!!!!


Homesick Cajun said...

Sounds like you're on the right track boo! You should see my bucket's a long one lol. I hope the dr says everything is ok and let's you go back to work! I know you must be going stir crazy by now!

Emily said...

Heya! Is the group "Half Marathoners in Training"? I'm thinking of signing up, too!!

And heck yah you're going skydiving with me this year!! :)

LV said...

You have at least started to change a small portion of your life. It will not be easy, but if YOU want to make it happen, you can. Try, if that is what you need to be a happy girl.

Colleen said...

I am so excited that you are going to sign up for a training group for the half marathon. You'll get a lot out of it! :) You make me proud!

ModernMom said...

Such a fab idea to lay out goals for yourself like that! Skydiving! Eek. Not me!
Can't wait to see the bucket list!

gayle said...

Sounds like you are on the right path!!