Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 Stats

Weight = 3.5 lost
Running/Walking = 1.11 miles walked
Weights Lifed = 0 days lifted
Days at The Gym = 1 days

I have been so sick this last week. I actually even missed a day of work. This sinus infection killed me last week. Thankfully I'm feeling better so hopefully I'll have more time to work out this week, although I probably won't since I'm getting in family time and dinner with friends before I'm off for surgery. Gotta have some fun before I'm down for the count.

All in all I didn't do bad in the weight loss area. I think those first few pounds are easy once you change your diet. It's the last 10-15-20 that are always the hardest. I'm terribily disappointed that I was not able to run or walk more than I did. My chest was so congested from the sinus fluid (gross I know).

I plan to head to the gym tonight, so we'll see what I'm able to get done this week.

Happy Monday!


Julie said...

That's awesome, Danica! Once you start feeling better you'll do even better! You're off to a great start...keep it up! If you ever want a walking partner, I'm close! :)

RainGardener said...

Danica, congratulations on your weight loss - that is great! I sure can sympathize with you suffering from a sinus infection. I use to get them all the time - once my face was so swollen and black and blue it looked like my hubby beat the crap out of me. Then one year I didn't get any and it's been like that ever since. I still get sinus crap but nothing like I had before - hopefully you'll get the same surprise sometime and never have another one. It's strange but people don't take them seriously like you are really sick. I didn't realize this until one of my friends got a sinus infection once and said she would never laugh about people having them again. Laugh? I didn't know she did but found out she just thought people were complaining about a small amount of discomfort. I can't believe that.
I know this is long but I've been going through your posts - as for your AH manager - glad you got moved under better management.
I read about your job dilemma and good luck with that. You sound like the right person for either jobs and I know it must be a horrible decision for you to make.
I also read the post about missing your Mom - how hard that is. I know I just lost my Dad in September - it's a horrible thing to go through. I did a post to him (Goodbye Dad and I'm so glad that I did because it made me feel better and I can go read it and look at pictures anytime I want.
Anyway I guess I'd best be ending this before it takes you a month to read it. But I enjoyed your posts so much I wanted to let you know and it was just easier to do it all here instead of going to each post that sometimes you don't notice someone has been to.
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit - I really appreciate it.

LV said...

Sorry you are not well. Being sick is not the way you want to lose weight. If you feel like, drop by my place this Tuesday, maybe part of it will put a smile on your face.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Wow! Considering you weren't feeling well, those are still good stats. Keep it up!!

Tooj said...

That fluid has been attacking me too. I'm sure the ladies at work are tired of hearing me blow my nose and cough. :)

Get in FUN TIME before you're down, certainly. The exercise is a life-long process.