Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Check-In

Okay folks so now is the time to lay it on the line. I should have done this on Friday, but we have been without a computer until late Saturday. My computer decided to crash on NYE. But I was able to get her working again but it took a few days. And yesterday...wasted day. I was sick as all get out. I'm recovering today and at work, but should be in bed. LW says I'm pushing myself too hard but I'm not one to lay around the house...even when I feel bad. But I'm up and feel rather okay. Even heading to the gym for a walk tonight.

Sunday was the start of my financial and physical journey for 2010. I woke up having gained three pounds over Christmas, or was that because of all of the yummie Italian food I ate the day before at a baby shower? But none the less I weighed in at my second highest weight in the last two years! Crap.

I will be weighing myself every Sunday (reporting it on Monday). I know Sunday might be a crappy day, but it will keep me honest over the weekends as I sometimes find that I over eat on the weekends if I weigh myself during the week.

I also stuck to my 1,400 calorie diet yesterday and have done amazing today. I plan to eat more once I get my workouts going. I wanted to be at the gym yesterday but my cold slowed me down. Today I can't start my running on the treadmill since I'm still winded with my cold. I do plan to walk though and sit in the sauna. So I'm starting...just a lot slower than I had wanted.

Starting Physical Stats:
Weight = 0 lost
Running/Walking = 0 miles ran/walked
Weights Lifed = 0 days lifted
Days at The Gym = 0 days

Financially I took a punch in the gut once I balanced my check book from Christmas. Boy did I go all out. But I have my spreadsheet going and I'm on day four of tracking my spending. I've decided to look at the month in whole, not look at my money weekly. This will help me to plan better. And I'm okay saying no to doing things when the budget gets crunched. I'm all for living in the here and now, but it sure would be nice to take that trip to Paris next year. And that is far more important than eating lunch in the cafe at work everyday or eating out every night.

Let the journey begin!


Coloradolady said...

I so agree...I am trying to much of the same...hope you feel better...

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Girl, I'm proud of you for starting to focus on what matters to you. You WILL accomplish those goals. Here's to the start of something great!

Colleen said...

I love that you have set out with the goals you have. You are going to be successful because they are all attainable! :)

Julie said...

You can do it! I also weigh myself every Sunday morning...I think it helps to keep me in check with my eating when I know there's a weigh-in coming soon. Good luck!

LV said...

If you really want to bad enough, you will succeed. I am not sure how much you are overweight, but you look fine in your pictures to me. We all need to exercise more.

Anonymous said...
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