Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LW is in Arizona for a few days.

Is it sad that I'm excited about that? :-) I love him and love spending time with him, but I have a lot of shopping to get done and cards to finish making, so I think it works out. I can stay up and out late as he won't be home until Saturday night. I always feel guilty doing my crafty stuff at home when he's home. I love spending time with him snuggling. But it will all be fine and I'll get my stuff accomplished while he's gone and he'll get some good ole quality time with his oldest daughter.

I miss him already though.

He's headed to see his oldest daughter compete in a dance competition. I made him take the camera so he can come home with lots of good pictures for me to share. I'm sad I couldn't go but I think it will be nice for him to spend some alone time with his daughter. I'm so excited for her though and wish I could watch her compete. Wish her luck!

Over the weekend Kassidy made Lauren a card and a pair of earrings to wish her good luck. It's so cute. I wish I could have snapped a picture of the card before she signed it, but oh well. I do have a picture of the earrings and will share those as soon as LW gets home (their on the camera!).

Here's to my first night alone...woot woot.


LV said...

Whatever the circumstances, you seem to be happy. I am glad and trust you will always find peace and love in your life.

Colleen said...

I totally understand getting a lot done when the men aren't home. I always miss Tom when he travels, but my to-do list gets gobbled up!

ModernMom said...

Enjoy that alone time..the Christmas rush is coming!