Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Fun

We are beyond happy that Kassidy is spending the night with us on Christmas Eve. LW has always reserved Christmas Eve for Kassidy to be with her Mom and her Mom’s family on that day. So Christmas morning (very early) he would go pick up Kassidy and spend the day with her.

Well this year, Kassidy asked me if she could spend the night on Christmas Eve. The giddy little girl inside of me wanted to scream “YES!” But I told her she would have to discuss this with her mom and dad. She never talked to LW about it (I did and he was beyond happy) but apparently we found out she talked to her mom about it. Kassidy’s mom has NO problem with her staying at our house Christmas Eve but we have to pick her up after the festivities are over as Kassidy’s mom’s mom’s house…ha!

A little part of me cried when I found this out. The one thing I always wanted to be was a mom. I always wanted to put cookies out, always wanted to put the little one to bed and then sneak their presents downstairs and fill their stocking. It makes me beyond gleeful to know that I will be able to do this this year. While Kassidy does not believe in Santa, we have taught her to believe in the spirit of Christmas.

I can’t wait to put her to bed on Christmas Eve after our traditional evening of drinking hot coca or wine and watching “Christmas Vacation” lounging in our new Christmas pjs. I can’t wait to carry all of her presents downstairs from their super secret hiding spot and stack them so she’ll seem them first thing in the morning and fill her stocking to the very tip top.

I wouldn’t care if she was 10 or 20, I just can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning. I have worked so hard to make this Christmas special for both of the girls. While Lauren can’t be with us, I made sure to spoil her rotten with a nice size package that will make it to her house just in time for Christmas Eve. Lauren even has her own stocking filled to the top with fun, silly, girlie stuff.

God had other plans for me in the mommy department. And it’s amazing. Every day I thank him for the family he gave me.

That is the best Christmas present hands down.


Liz said...

I'm so unbelievably THRILLED for you! Those girls are going to have such a great Christmas because of you!

Julie said...

It's funny how everything happens for a reason. While you may not have a biological child, you will still be a mom to two girls who clearly love you to pieces.

I think this Merry Christmas is just for YOU, babe. :)

Anonymous said...

GIDDY... can we all say... G.I.D.D.Y... yes.. giddy... can hear it in your voice.... well your letters actually but who's being technical eh?

My son comes christmas eve day then heads back christmas night... just a tradition we enjoy... he only live 10 blocks away.. hehehe Hugs. Tammy

ModernMom said...

Oh that is so so exciting! What an amazing holiday you are going to have:)