Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's your holiday tradition?

Lately I've been thinking....I'm still blessed even though I don't have my own children. I have LW and those two beautiful daughters of his. And that will be enough.

So with that said, I've been thinking about finding a holiday tradition that I can weave into our tiny little family. The only real tradition I have is on Christmas Eve I get together with my family. We have dinner, exchange presents and we go to my Mom's church. After church (church slacked off when my Mom was starting to get sick) I have always come home and watched Christmas Vacation. But now I need to find a tradition for Christmas with LW and Kassidy (and with Lauren when she comes home next year).

Currently on Christmas the only tradition I have had is to make pancakes after we open presents. But I'm looking for something fun and that can stay in our family for years to come.

What are your family traditions at Christmas time?


jmt said...

We always opened presents with my siblings and parents in our home on xmas eve. That night, my mom always cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, the works. We cleaned together, opened presents, and then went to midnight mass. Church got lost in there at some point. Xmas morning we woke up to find that Santa left a special present or two and had filled our stockings. To this day, mom still fixes fried chicken. :)

Sue said...

Last year, when we were finally living in our new house, I wanted to start something for myself too.

I started a "cookie party" that will continue this year too. The girls bring pre-made cookie dough and we bake and decorate at our house. It was a lot of fun last year. The kids got to decorate the cookies, girls talked and ate and drank and baked and the boys hung out and did boy stuff. I liked it because it was something that was all "mine", you know? I'd like to expand to inviting girlfriends some year, but for now it's all family.

Maybe you guys could do a gingerbread house or something?

Danica said...

I'll definately be baking cookies with the girls (well Kass for now until Lauren comes home). We already have that on the calendar. Kass is so worried that she will miss out on the cookies I made last year that she loved so much so I told her that our special time together is making cookies for the family for Christmas. She is so excited about that. I hope to continue that tradition even when the girls have babies of their own.

Simi said...

We got nothing :p

Considering I've only been doing the xmas thing since 2005-ish :p Since Aaron and I started dating/ got married ... I would say one thing thats really fun for us both is the tree and decorating it together...
the first time I EVER had a tree in my house was Thanksgiving weekend 2004 ... Aaron went out and bought it and had it set up, when i got back from being at my parents for the weekend I was a little taken aback that all of a sudden I had a tree, I was maybe a little miffed with him that he did it without asking if I was ok with it.. but then.. i thought about how happy it made him, and how he wanted to share that with me... and I got over it... Now we have a decent sized tree and we love putting it up together! :) We're never at our own house for xmas so we always have a night before we go take part in all the family madness where we relax, xchange presents and just have a nice time together... so I guess that is our tradition :)

christinabern said...

Hi Danica...I'm rebelling at work and HAD to comment.

We are thinking the same and need to incorporate traditions. A few I'm stealing.

1. My tradition is that my mom would always get me an ornament for Christmas. My aunt did this as well and she stuck to a halmark theme (my cuz. Mel would get the crayola crayon ornament of the year....etc) This way, when they move out, they have ornaments for their tree.
2. My uncle's family would light a candle Christmas eve for 1 hour. They get their candles at birth so his is like 50+ years old and my aunts is younger, since they got married. Each of the kid has one too so it is something fun to see as time passes.
3. My sister-in-law would always get one present to open Christmas Eve and it would ALWAYS be new pj's. Something she would wear that night and then open presents the next morning in. I like this idea a lot and would especially work with well with girls. (feel free to steal that one, I did. :o)

Danica said...

Hi Chris!!! We do the PJ thing at our house too and I love it. Problem is we never have Kass Christmas night so I sent her home with her new pjs last year to open persents with her Mom. This year I think I'm going to save a special Christmas present for her to open on Christmas night with her new pjs on.

Simi that's so cute. I dated a guy who was Jewish and he was always facinated with putting a Christmas tree up and for me it was fun celebrating Hannuaka with him. I love tradition no matter the heritage!

Stephanie said...

We have the Christmas cookies tradtion. Baking together.
One gift for the kids Christmas Eve.
Cinnamon Buns and coffee(milk for the kids) as we open gifts Christmas morning. Don't know how that became a tradtion but my girls count on it every year!

Anonymous said...

My kids and I would stay up all week long making cookies, crispy squares, fudge you name it. Finger sweets. We would then go by some inexpensive ornaments from a local dollar store. We put a few treats on a paper plate, wrap in color wrap, place an ornament on with a ribbon. We we go to our neighbors houses and put the bag with goodies on the door steps, ring the bell then run and giggle. They got the biggest kick out of and of course the neighbors knew it was us, but the kids didn't know that. A blast.

Also, every year at midnight, xmas eve, we would go shopping to pick out one gift for a special person or church donation. It didn't matter how long it took, how long we were in line because it was for a good cause.
Hugs. Tammy

tbonegrl said...

Christmas breakfast. Srockings. Everyone together.

We plan to make a new tradition this year!

Unknown said...

Ever since my kids were 2 and 1 years old, we have made ornaments. Each year, I plan out at least 4 different types. Right after Thanksgiving, we spend the day, (even their dad when we were together), being creative.

Then, when they were about 8 and 9, we started a Christmas craft sleepover. They would invite their friends over to make gingerbread houses and ornaments and even had games to play and shaving cream wars. So much fun! I miss that!

By the way, I always dated the ornaments to remember when they were made. I remember who made them but when was a different story.

Julie D said...

We don't really have any, just hanging with the family....