Monday, November 23, 2009

Off for a few days.

So much going on with Thanksgiving that I will be taking a few days off from blogging or reading blogs (sorry).

I have 26 people to my house on Thanksgiving so I have to get some cleaning and cooking accomplished.

Been busy though. I got my hair chopped off today. Holy cow is it short, but it's the best haircut I have ever had. I'll post Thankgiving pics of it!

Talked to my Dad - he's admitted to me he is having trouble remembering things since his stroke (May 2008). So I need to make an emergency trip out (he's in Nevada I'm in Ohio) after the holidays to help him get the rest of his life in order before he is at a point that he can't communicate with me. I'm crushed. Saddened. Frustrated. But I will help him the best I can.

On a brighter note, LW and I are taking Kassidy to see the Rockettes on Weds. I'm so excited for that. It will be nice to all be together again. This every other weekend thing with her is tough. We love being with her all of the time.

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for so many things, but the most important thing I am thankful for is LW. He (and his family) has taught me so much about myself. It's wonderful being in love.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!


jmt said...

I think it's so great to see that, while the every other weekend is hard, it's hard because you want more time. I always found hard with my stepson because the influence he received away from us was so detrimental to us getting along. AT ALL. It made me want less time. Once he came to live with us full time, we were starting from below scratch....which was very hard to do. 4 years later and a lot of blood, sweat and tears....I hope that you continue to enjoy your time together, even if it is limited.