Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mom Like

Saturday night Kassidy had a headache so I had to run to Target (of course right? because why would I go to Meijer next door and just get what I NEED?) to get her some kiddy motrin. While I was there we ended up with multi-vitamins for her and kiddy cough medicine because it is that time of year. I swear I felt like a new Mom standing in that aisle. What do I get? Will it be strong enough for her? Will it be too strong for her? Will she get a rash? Will it make her sick? OMG I had no idea. I'm parenting someone else's child who is living with me every other weekend and I need to make darn sure I'm taking the best care of her.

It was in that moment that I wish I could have called my Mom. But I stood there and read every label to make sure I was buying age appropriate medicine.

Kassidy was so excited. Really? Over medicine??? She said she has friends who take multi-vitamins but that she never has. I told her that will change at our house. We have a healthy household and I intend to try to keep it that way.

After the medicine aisle we picked out her Christmas PJ's. See in my house you get new PJ's every Christmas that you wear Christmas Eve. Kass is not suppose to be with us on Christmas Eve so I went ahead and got her PJ's anyway (we are mailing Lauren a set too!) for her to wear on Christmas night at our house (she'll be opening a special gift that night too).

So on the way home from Target Kassidy asked me if she could stay at our house on Christmas night. She said she loves how fun I am making the holiday for her and she loves the idea of waking up in her new PJ's. I told her I'd love to have her stay but that she will have to talk to her Mom and her Dad. Once I told LW he got so excited. So I'm crossing my fingers she'll be spending Christmas Eve night with us. Poor little thing has it all worked out in her head. She told me she could spend Christmas Eve with her Mom's family and that we could pick her up late Christmas Eve night after she has opened presents with her Mom and her Mom's family. Then she could get up Christmas morning and open presents at our house and then of course we'll head to LW's Mom for Christmas dinner. It was so funny how she had this all worked out. Little girl has been planning this for sometime I'm sure!

Keep your fingers crossed. It would be so fun to have her there on Christmas morning. I've never had someone wake me up and say "Santa has been here". Although Kassidy doesn't believe, I have told her to believe in the magic of the day. She doesn't have to believe in Santa but she should believe in Jesus and the beauty of celebrating such a wonderful day with family and friends. She told me she would have me up at 5am opening presents! I feel a nap coming on.

More to come on this I'm sure.


LV said...

Children always have a way to solve most any situation, if we would just listen. She seems to have her head on right. Trust all work out for you during the holidays.

Trisha R Jackson said...

This totally warmed my heart. THIS is what family is all about. You are such a good mom - regardless of how you got the job :).

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Last year, we had Christmas with Baby Boo for the very first time. It brought tears to my eyes to think that we were starting our very own traditions with her. Of course, her mom spoiled it by picking her up before she even had Christmas dinner. This year, we won't have her on Christmas day but we'll still figure out how to make it special.

I'm so thrilled at how excited you are at having the girls there with you and of course, LW. I know that he sees how much you complete him and the girls lives.

I can't wait to hear all about Christmas!

ModernMom said...

Oh you are a great Mom. Doesn't matter that she is not with you full time. You are doing all the important mommy things, which includes standing in that damn aisle trying to figure out which is the best med for your kid!!