Monday, November 9, 2009

The happenings around our house.

I'm gonna make this short and sweet since I don't have lots of time to be posting this at work! HAH HA HA HA

1. Lauren made the varsity basketball team! I knew she would. She's too much like her daddy.

2. Kassidy thinks I'm the greatest person since my friend Crystal cut her hair. She's been in dire need of a haircut. She can't stop talking about it or playing with her hair.

3. Kassidy picked out pictures from our Disney trip to scrapbook. She picked some of me alone, some of me and LW and some of me and her. She loves me!

4. I went to pick the photos to print and put in our Mickey Mouse frame and showed her the ones I picked: one of her and daddy, one of me and LW and then I couldn't decide on another one of her and her dad and his family. So what did she say? "Why don't you put one of just the three of us?" Really, she likes me!

5. Kassidy wants me to take her to see New Moon in the theaters. Aw

6. We had to drop off Kassidy at home today (before school) since she stayed last night with us because her Mom was at a concert late. While waiting on Kassidy to get out of the car and run up to the house, out walks Kassidy's Mom's boyfriend. OMG really? She traded LW in for THAT! WTF? There is a HUGE night and day difference. The guy is shorter. The guy is WAY rounder. The guy is white. The guy looks like Archie Bunker. OH-MY-GAWD. She traded down...way down. I figure if you're gonna cheat on your boyfriend (Kassidy's parents were never married but dated for something like 10 years)he better be hot, fantastic in bed and some kind of dream guy. Archie Bunker? Really? EW

7. I had a great time making cards this weekend. I attempted my Christmas cards. Not bad! I'm happy I'm learning a new craft. I scrapbooked for so many years and never had time for cards. While they are the same, they are very different, so it's been a challenge to learn but I'm getting the hang of it. I made my Christmas cards two years ago, but they are nothing like these ones! WOOT WOOT

8. My first husband's niece (she's now 16-17) found me on FB and asked me to friend her. It's so funny to watch the kids grow up. My first ex husband and I have a great relationship. I haven't seen him since my Mom died (he came to the funeral and the brunch). It's funny to get all caught up with the family. He's a great guy. We didn't work as partners, but we always were great friends. So it's nice to find my old family. I was with my exhusband for 11 years - 8 years married, 3 years dating.

9. Since my friend Crystal cut Kassidy's hair this weekend, I took Kass out to the pond in my development to take pictures. OMG I think they turned out great. I'll post those pictures along with the family pictures we had taken with my friend Erin back in October. I'm thinking I'm not too bad at this photography thing!

Okay back to work. I have to find an outline of a sympathy card to make for LW's best friend's wife's father. He passed away this weekend. Saddly she lost her Mom to lung cancer 7 years ago.

Oh and one last thing! Way to go Colleen!!! Congrats Irondiva. LW and I are so proud of you. Love to both you and Tom!


Unknown said...

Ain't it good to be loved? That Kassidy loves you something fierce!!!

I can't wait to see all of the pictures!

jmt said...

I'm *right here* with you on what your significant other's ex traded in for. :) My stepson's mother ended up with Archie Bunker too! Of course, my husband isn't TALL, but he's certainly taller than THEM. And she seriously went from BLACK to WHITE in all facets. It's very, very strange.

Kassidy and your relationship is so much fun to watch blossom. I'm happy that you are SUCH a giver in this situation. It's making it much, much easier to grow. Some women aren't that selfless, to the detriment of "step" relations. Can't wait to see the pics!