Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert and Kassidy's Halloween Sleepover

I'm so behind on posting pictures. ACK Leave it to we have so much going on and not enough time in the day.

So I'll start with posting the Miley Cyrus concert pictures. My BFF, Nichole and her daughter Victoria went with myself and Kassidy to the concert. We had 6th row floor seats!!! They were incredible. Of course I'm still learning how to use my Nikon D40 which is SO TRICKY and I can't really flip between the modes, so I set it on Auto most of the time.

The concert was actually good. I was suprisingly impressed!

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Last weekend I let Kassidy invite 5 friends over for a Halloween sleepover. One of the girls ended up leaving mid way through because she had another sleepover obligation so it turned out, only 5 silly girls kept me up until 1:30am. And here I thought it would be 3am before I got to bed!

At the sleepover the girls:

Painted pumpkins
Participated in a candy corn race
Bobbed for apples hanging on a string
Put together a Haunted Ginger Bread House
Watched three movies

Finally here are the shots from the Halloween sleepover:


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Looks like so much fun! You're great with Kassidy and it truly looks like you have a special bond. The Halloween sleepover was a great idea. Loved all the pictures.

Coloradolady said...

Loved all the pictures....I am so impressed at how you really go out of your way it seems to make sure Kassidy had a good time...she is one lucky little girl. I bet they had a blast at the sleepover...looks like a lot of fun! Very brave on your part I must say!!

Liz said...

Fabulous job, lady!! I can tell K had lots of fun at both events!

Tooj said...

How fun! I might need to take some ideas from you if my boys have friends stay over. Are those spider cupcakes? Licorice, right? Very cute. You're so festive - I hope she appreciated it and had a wonderful time. Her smile says she did!

LV said...

You are braver then me to take on all those young girls. You did a great job and looks like everyone had a good time. I am too old for Miley Cyrus music.

Fragrant Liar said...

Girl Power!! They had fun, I can tell. And I LOVE Miley Cyrus. She's mega talented, I don't care that she's Billy Ray's kid.

ModernMom said...

OH My gosh! Yeah! You took the best pics at both events (did you have amazing seats?) and your little Kassidy looks like she was having the time of her life!

Colleen said...

Too freaking fun! I wish I could still do sleep overs... maybe soon I'll plan one for all of us! :)