Thursday, September 24, 2009


So last night was the second time I had taken a Strength and Tone class at the Y. Last week the class kicked my hind end (this week was no different!). I think my hamstrings and my gluts hurt for DAYS. I was definitely a hot mess the day AFTER the class.

Fast forward to last night.

LW and I are carpooling at the moment. In order to make the class time of 4:30 pm we had to leave work at 3:50 pm. Not a problem. We get to the gym, I race into the locker room to change and then head to class. As I’m picking out my weights, mat, etc in walks LW! I couldn’t have laughed any harder. I wanted to drop to my knees in a fit of laughter. Not because he’s a man and I’m discriminating against him for taking the class, but because he was walking and clapping his hands like he was so excited to take the class.

He was acting like a child who had opened the toy he had always wanted on Christmas morning. I don’t think he was expecting all that came next with lifting weights in positions he had yet tried, the crazy amount of squats, the pulsating of the hips, the leg lifts with the hops….the excruciating pain he would be in for a couple of days after the class.

Both of us walked out of class refreshed, feeling on top of the world.

Today both of us are a little sore and tired.

Will he go back? He said, ‘eh it was okay’. I think that means No. But for what it’s worth, it meant a lot to me for him to take the class with me.

Just another reason I love this man.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's fantastic! I love it when they participate in something you KNOW they would just assume past up. Of course we have our share of "putting up with's"" don't we? :) Tammy

Unknown said...

Too cool that LW gave it a try. It's nice to have things like that to share together.

jmt said...

How fun! I sometimes think Hubs would want to join in on my girlie get-togethers because my friends are so fun and he loves to make them laugh. Men can be so much fun when they stop being arses. :) Happy Thursday!

Liz said...

OMG...I just spit out my water picturing him walking in clapping! ha!!

Julie D said...

I"ve been wanting to take that class but didn't know what it was about! If it hurt you, it's gonna kill me!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Isn't it funny how such a small act like that can mean so much? Sounds like you have a great guy there!

Andrea said...

That's so sweet!

Maybe he'll surprise you and go again :)

wenn said...

hi..he is such a wonderful man..