Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No time for blogging!

We have so much going on this last bit of summer that blogging and reading blogs hasn't been a priority. BOO I'm busy at work now so there is little time to read while working, unless I've taken a lunch, at which point I'd rather be sitting outside reading than at my desk on my computer.


LW had a birthday and we celebrated with a fancy dinner and drinks.

My BFF Nichole had a birthday yesterday. Love you!

My sister is about to be 50.

The bathroom remodel is underway at home. The guest bath is the first one he started, then it's on to the master bathroom.

We've had a family reunion and class reunion on LW's side (Need to get those pictures posted).

We are planning our trip to Arizona next year. Lauren just told us when she will be graduating.

We went to a neighborhood block party where everyone drank all day and night and I ended up sunburned.

We are considering a trip to Las Vegas or somewhere for a long weekend before the year ends. Just gotta nail down a date oh and a place.

Work is busy for both of us, which is wonderful. I'm blessed to have a job.

School starts in a month for me and I cannot wait. I'm ready to learn something new.

LW is going to work on getting picked up next year in basketball officiating for the MAC conference, which would be awesome, because those gigs pay with commas if you catch my drift. And I've been told I get the first check! WOOT WOOT

Everything is great at home. Just busy. Busy, busy, busy.

I hope everything is going swimingly with all of you.

Happy Wednesday!


Tooj said...

If you get the first check...can I have the second? Tell LW that I'm more than willing to contribute to the job. I'm really good at telling basketball officials what they need to improve on. :) Go Jayhawks!!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Your busy sounds like good busy! You've got some good plans ahead of you.

LW is sweet to give you his first check he makes on officiating for MAC. Sounds good to me!!

tbonegrl said...

Those are all good busies!

Miss you and glad you're so good-busy!