Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Living in the moment.

It’s funny how one moment can change your life forever. In that very moment you wonder what lies ahead. Where will this winding road of life take you? Will I fall off of a cliff blinded by the darkness ahead? Will I always let the sunshine in?

When my Mom passed I swore I wouldn’t let things get to me and I was no longer going to let life pass by. I made promises to myself that I didn’t keep although I swore I would keep them. Many of my darkest days in my 36 years of life were during the six months after my Mom passed.

And now today I’m making those very same promises, for very different reasons, after being in the hospital with LW this past weekend.

Life is too short to spend it not doing something you love and not being with your loved ones. I remember a date I went on one time. It was so out of the ordinary but it made me laugh and giggle like a little girl.

We flew a kite.

We purchased this great big kite and had a picnic lunch. While the date turned out to be a jerk, it was the freedom that came from flying the kite that I remember the most. Running along the pond with the kite whipping through my hands. That was a happy moment. The moment that I will always remember and cherish. I was free as a bird, living in the moment, loving how peaceful it was for me.

So from now on I promise to fly my kite high enough for the world to see. I promise to find peace with my decisions and happiness in my soul.

Nothing is as important as friends and family. Nothing.

Every day could be the last. And I don’t want to always wonder what could have been. Ever.


Anonymous said...

I see your kite!! Quite colorful... :) Positive energy is such a good thing. Even when the wind dies down and your kite comes to the ground, you can always patiently wait for the next wind to come along and lift you up.

Tooj said...

It's so funny that the term "go fly a kite" is supposed to bring negative vibes to the receiver. :) I love reading such positive posts. Thank you.

erinann said...

love this post!