Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Gathering

Before you ask "Where are the pictures?" I will say, my sister requests her picture to NOT be taken due to skin cancer. She's had part of her nose, ear and lip removed, thus the reason I usually never have pictures of my siblings.

I digress.....

My family is dysfunctional. We rarely get together. It's sad but true. And now that Mom has passed we spend less time togther. I will say though, that my brother and I are close. That could be because of our age. We are closer in age than we are with our sisters. Plus my sisters have a different Dad. So they grew up together and my brother and I grew up together.

I am one of four children.

Kathy is the oldest. She just turned 50 thus the reason for the family gathering this past weekend. She has a daughter (who is married) and a granddaughter. So that makes me a great-aunt! She's been married to her husband for 29 years.

Karen is my next oldest sister (she's 46). She has a son who graduated high school last year and has been married to her second husband for 8 years. She also has three step-children.

Dannon is my little brother by a whole year and a day (he's 35). He's been married for 15 years and has three children. He's one of my best friends. We are by far the closest out of all of the kids.

As for our gathering this weekend we were all together. My niece's husband wasn't there nor was my oldest nephew, but for the most part, it was the first time we had all gotten together since Christmas. It was so nice. I miss my family. I wish we were more like a family, but we're trying. So much has happened to us with my sister's cancer, my Mom passing, my oldest sister and I not speaking for a few years and the other family mess that is going on that I have had to stay mum about.

I truly appreciate my family and I hope they know that. Dysfunctional or not, I know I could count on all of them to be there for me if I needed them. And I know, whether they say it or not, that they love me. That is what is important.

I know I'm blessed because at least I have them.


LV said...

What a heartbreaking life you have shared. I never will understand why families can not stay close. I realize life is not a bed of roses for any of us, what's left when your family is all gone. Do not let this change your outlook on life, as it will get better.

ModernMom said...

Doesn't it seem that life gets busier (is that a word) with each passing year? Good for you for all getting together. It's good to know that no matter how are families function they can be counted on when they are needed.

Tooj said...

MAN, they get married young! One at 21, one at 20....I couldn't fathom being married to the guy I dated at those ages. :) Phew. What a relief. LOL Keep poking away at the'll get there. You've got nothing to lose but a lifetime rest of family togetherness, right?