Monday, August 24, 2009


Recently I've ordered some fabulous products that were made by people I know. These ladies are so darn talented. So if you're interested in their products and what they have to offer, you should stop by and place an order.

From Jody I ordered a "Baby on Board" sticker for my friend who is having her second baby. They are so cute and so much nicer than those nasty yellow ones in the stores.

From Erin I have ordered a Buckeye banner for my BFF's birthday, a hair band for my BFF's daughter, and hair band buttons for Kassidy. Love them!

From Sarah I have ordered a taggie blanket for my neighbor last year who had a baby. And Sarah also made the NKTOB tshirts my friends and I wore to the concert. All so cute!

I have not yet ordered anything from Jan but there are so many cute things she has listed!

I also have not ordered from Steph M yet, but her creations look amazing as well!

If you love crafty people, stop by these ladies blog and shop around. You're in for a treat!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'll be checking them out!

jannypie said...

Dear Danica,
I haven't dry humped your leg lately, can I do that soon?
(By which I mean to say, thanks and I love you! LOL!)

Danica said...

LOL Jan!!! Gotta spread the good word about my girls. You ladies are amazing!!!!!

Steph@ madas place said...

Thanks for the love! You're too sweet!

Tammy said...

They are some amazing ladies!

LV said...

Thanks for all the good suggestions and recommendations. I will keep this in mind for future use. Your comment today was very much appreciate.

Colleen said...

You have some talented friends... :)

erinann said...

You are something else girlie!!

Thank you for the shout out!!