Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How did 36 creep up on me?

It’s my birthday. Another year has come and gone and I’m one step closer to the dreadful 40; although I do hear that 40 is the new 20, or is it the new 30? Shit I’ll take being 30 again!

I really don’t have much to complain about this year. I’ve been blessed.

- I have a wonderful man who loves me
- I have the greatest friends whom I’ve gotten closer with
- I have my health, minus the staph infection I have on my foot
- I have a job that allows me to have a house and a car and food in my tummy
- I have FB which has brought me closer to friends I have lost touch with
- I have my family even though we are dysfunctional since my Mom died
- And I have won more times at Bunco than I have lost (shout out to my B girls)

Seriously how could I be anything other than blessed?

The only thing missing again this year was that 6am call from my mother, however I think my brother is taking her place! He called me bright and early today. I don’t mind though. I love when people call or write or text. It makes you feel special and loved. I actually woke up to LW singing “Happy Birthday”, which was the sweetest thing ever.

Yesterday I had lunch with some friends and one of them handmade stationary for me. It is so beautiful. I don’t even want to use it it’s that nice. Once my Internet is up at home (which is tomorrow thank goodness) I’ll post pictures of her creation. Liz is so talented (you could be a millionaire you know)! Thank you Liz! I think I looked at the cards a 100 times last night.

So thank you to all of you who make my life brighter…friends and family alike. I love you all and appreciate EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of you!


Liz said...

You mean I could be a millionaire by the time I'm 25?!? Shit...guess I missed out on that one... :) LOL I'm glad you liked them! Have a terrific birthday!

Julie said...

Happy birthday, my friend! Things sure have turned around for you since your last one, haven't they? I wish you nothing but the best from this day forward....

Love you much!

Allison said...

Happy birthday, Danica! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Coloradolady said...

Happy Birthday Danica!! If 50 is the new 40...then someone forgot to tell my body that!!! I guess that means I need to do something about that!

I hope your day is the best you could have ever hoped for. Enjoy your day....I wish you all the best!

travel girl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!
I hope you have a most fabulous day. It's been awesome getting to *know* you this year!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Have a wonderful birthday! You're one terrific person and not only are you blessed but everyone that knows you is too.

Hope there's many more to come for you.

Dawna Drake said...

Happy birthday, hope your day was great!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday my dear friend!!! :) I hope that it was a great one!

tbonegrl said...

Happy birthday Danica! Love you!!!!

Kristen said...

Hope you had a great day!!!! :-) Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

crrv said...

Happy Birthday Danica! I hope you had a great day!