Monday, June 29, 2009


I am finally back from Disney. Saddened to be home because I absolutely love everything about Disney. However there is this part of me that is happy to be back in my house, my bed, and no other family but the three of us around.

Besides LW and Kassidy, we traveled (drove) to Florida with his sister Rhonda, her son Michael (OMG this little boy is so funny!) and Kassidy's friend Gabby. That's a car load!!!!

The kids were fantastic traveling to and from Florida. No crying, no fussing, no yelling. However, Gabs puked in a restroom at a truck stop and I swear I almost lost my breakfast that day too! I had a rash on the back of my legs every day while in Florida. It must have been the combination of the sun block and sweat. It did reach 103 degress everyday we were there!

So below are some of my favorite pictures. I took almost 600 pictures!

Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


Downtown Disney


travel girl said...

Looks like you all had a great time!!!

Liz said...

Glad you had such a good time!!! I LOVE that cute little skirt you have on in the downtown disney pics :) HAWT MOMMA!

Julie said...

Aw, looks like fun!!!! I have only been there once and I was 4 months pregnant at the time, so it's been awhile!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I've never been to Disney World so it was very nice to live vicariously through your adventures. Looks like everyone had fun!! I'm not sure if I would've been smiling in 103 degree temps but it is the happiest place on earth!!

Kristen said...

What wonderful pictures! I can't get my husband to agree to go to Disney! :-( Glad you all had such a great time!!!!!

tbonegrl said...

those pictures are great! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

You look adorable! And very happy, too--yay!

LV said...

What a great vacation. Seems a good time was had by all. You did a great job on the pictures. Makes you feel like you have been there too.