Friday, June 12, 2009

A change was needed.

Some things needed changing around my house, thus the reason for the frustration the other day. All at once I was body slammed into having a boyfriend at my house full time and being a parent of sorts to someone else's child. Don't get me wrong, I love having LW and Kassidy around me, I just couldn't figure out how to cope so quickly. LW and I had things to work out and it was tough finding the time to figure it all out with a 10 year old around. But I grew a 'pair' and stood up for myself and I'm happy to say things are better. Communication is flowing now which is so important for my family of three now.

We are making it work...together.

I'm finding myself coming out of my OCD shell. So what if Kassidy and LW left their shoes by the door. Mine are there, why can't theirs be there? So what if Kassidy didn't fold the blanket perfectly when she put it away. At least she put it away, right? So what if Kassidy didn't take all of the twisties off of her hair ties when she put them away, at least she put them away! And so what if LW didn't make the bed. I was the last one out of it, shouldn't I make it?

These are all things my OCD self has to learn to overcome and I'm working on it. I won't be perfect, but I will overcome!

Everything else is going very well.

I'm going to a Heart concert with Julie tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I've also promised Kassidy that I would take her to get her some flip flops. She's in dire need. Last night I took her to get undergarments since Daddy's aren't good at that. We had a nice time at Target picking out bras (OMG), socks and underware. I even threw in a couple pairs of PJ's, shorts and t-shirts that were on sale. :-) Even got Miss Kassidy something cute for a 4th of July party we are going to.

All in all, I will make this work. I have to because I love them. I can do this kid thing. Together as a family we will make this work. I'm blessed every day and need to remind myself that.

Thanks for all of the support the other day. You all are the best!

Have a great weekend.


Liz said...

I'm so glad you were able to talk to him! I have a hard time, too, with realizing even though things aren't done MY way, at least they're done. I hope that we're both able to overcome that!

Tell Kass I can't wait to see her 4th of July outfit! :)

travel girl said...

Adjustments take time, so give yourself that time. Things will work out the way they are suppose too:)

Have fun at Heart! I sooooo wish I was going:(

Julie said...

Sounds like you're off the ledge now....

You can make it work, it just takes time.

See you tomorrow night! Get your rock on,'s the Wilson Sisters!!!!!

SavvySarahDesigns said...

it's hard for ANY new parent to adjust. whether it's a newborn or an older child. it's a huge adjustment. you are learning jsut like every other new mom. you're doing great!

Coloradolady said...

You can not expect to have all the answers so quick and so fast....this is a major adjustment and no matter how much you love is still an adjustment. It will just take time. Brace may not be as easy as you think....but It will be OK and things will settle down into a routine and will be better.

Hugs to will be OK

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You are all getting used to boundaries, quirks, different viewpoints, etc. I have been there and still there, in fact with Boo and then when Baby Boo is here, it's even more of a challenge. He has his ways of doing things and sometimes, I refuse to bend to compromise. I'm learning to make it a 50/50 thing.

Now with Kassidy, the challenges will exist. You are her mommy when she's with you and she has got to respect you as that. It's hard to mix rules and boundaries while still bonding, but you can do it. Have a lot of "team" meetings where you include her in so she knows that you and LW are on the same page.

In the meantime, hang in there and look at this as a non-stop, exciting adventure.

Kristen said...

Adjustments are never easy, but it sounds like you are taking things day-by-day, and that's great. Hang in there! ;-)

froggygrleb said...

im super glad to hear that things are going better!!!!!!!