Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Shew, I made it to Tuesday. Five days and counting until Mexico. WOOT WOOT

This week I am thankful for:

- Money to shop. I bought some kick ass outfits for vacation.

- Milk. I love any kind of cereal in the morning. I think because when I get done eating it, it's a treat to drink the milk.

- Getting recognized. At work yesterday they recognized those of us who put in the long hours during the PeopleSoft upgrade. I'm thankful my company apprciated my hardwork.

- Chocolate. It makes everything A-OK.

- My cell phone and the ability to get email on it. Without it, I would be disconnected from the world. What ever will I do in Mexico without my phone? LW says I'm not allowed to be on it! HA

- My friends. Love to you all. You make life so much more fun!

Happy Tuesday friends!


Julie D said...

Why can't you use it in Mexico? How else are you going to email me pictures and update me on what you're doing???

Danica said...

Oh I'm gonna sneak the phone out! I gotta keep my peeps updated! HA

Unknown said...

You know we're going to want details. So, sneak it into the bathroom with you and give us the details.

Kristen said...

I'm so excited that you and LW are still going to get away! Take lots of pictures!!!! Have a FABULOUS time!

Fragrant Liar said...

Have a great time, and don't forget to write!