Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother’s Day post is a couple of days early this year. I’ll be in Cancun on Mother’s Day so I won’t have any free time, or a computer handy to post.

This year marks the 2nd Mother’s Day I have spent without my Mom. My year of “firsts” is over and I’m well into the second year without her. I have to say that Mother’s Day is by far the hardest holiday without her.

There are two Mother’s Days that I felt were the most special with my Mom. Ironically it would be the last two that I spent with her.

Mother’s Day 2006 – I graduated college. My Mom said I couldn’t have given her a better gift. I spent 15 years in college and to graduate on Mother’s Day was special. I am beyond grateful that she was able to witness such an important event in my life. When all else was going wrong that year (I got separated from my husband, I would later be divorced), graduating with my family there to witness was to best feeling in the world.

Mother’s Day 2007 – This was an odd year for my family. Most times we would get together as a family at my Mom’s and just visit and watch her open presents, etc. But this particular year everyone did their own thing. Being that I was single I didn’t have to squeeze in seeing a MIL and my own Mother into one day. It was a quiet, sunny day. I picked my Mom up at her apartment and took her to Chammps for lunch. She had never been there and my Mom and I had this thing where I would take her somewhere new to eat once a month (she loved it!). We talked and laughed and that’s when I presented her with an airline ticket to Boston for a long weekend (after lunch I would take her to pick out flower hanging baskets for her yard). She was so excited. Sadly we would never get to take that trip. The trip was scheduled for August and I slacked on preparing everything so I had to push back the date. By the time we were to reschedule, she was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly there after. It saddens me that we never got that time together.

So then I got to thinking, my friend Simi’s Mom asked her to put together a list of things about her dad (sadly Simi lost her Father last year). I liked that idea and thought I would pull my own small list together.

Some things about my Mom:

- I’ll never forget our shopping trip to Kohl’s to get her clothes for her cruise. My sister took her on her first cruise ever in 2006. To this day whenever I go in Kohl’s I see my Mom trying on clothes!

- She loved to garden and she passed that love on to me. However, give me a flower and I’ll kill it! She was always so good at growing flowers.

- She believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

- The last time she drove a car she drove it down the wrong side of the freeway. I look back and laugh but at the age of 5 it wasn’t so funny!

- She was a life guard at the pool. BEST. GIG. EVER. We lived at the pool those summers.

- She never judged anyone. She accepted me with anyone no matter the color of their skin, religion or beliefs. As long as I was happy, she was happy.

- She always gave gifts (even if they were small or homemade – she made the best homemade bread) and wrote thank you cards. I strive to be that good!

- The random things that use to spew out of her mouth were so darn funny. My Mom did not hold anything in. Sometimes I’d have to tell her to pipe it down, especially in the hospital.

This is just a small list of things about my Mom. I could go on and on as I’m sure many of you could about your own Mom’s.

I’ll leave you with this: Three weeks before my Mom died we were sitting in her apartment. I was cleaning her apartment to get ready for Hospice. She was having a 'good' day. She was sitting in her recliner and my brother was on the couch. I found this keychain where you could record people’s voices. I asked my Mom if I could have it and asked her to say something in to it. Do you know what that little shit said? “If you want to do it right. Do it like Danica.” She was always always always complementing me on my clean house or how perfect I had to have everything. To this day I pull out that key chain and I cry and laugh all at the same time. I remember the three of us sitting there laughing until our sides hurt! That’s one memory that will never fade.

Happy Mother’s Day – may you all enjoy a beautiful day with your family. Remember to squeeze your Mom’s tightly and tell them you love them. And if your Mom is no longer with you, I feel your pain and send you hugs.

I'll be back in a week. Enjoy!


Liz said...

Thanks for the tears :) I can always tell that you and your mom had a fabulous relationship. You are a wonderful daughter!! Have an AWESOME time in Cancun!!

Julie said...

What a sweet memory of your Mom.

Have a wonderful trip, babe!!!!

Jody said...

Danica, what wonderful memories. You really made me think about my mom and how much I appreciate her.

Have a great trip!

travel girl said...

A beautiful tribute to your Mom.
Big tears in my eyes.

have a most wonderful time in Cancun:)

LV said...

A great post. Trust you had a good trip and were safe. Thanks for dropping by my post.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awww, you should've warned me that this would be guaranteed to bring tears. I smiled through those memories as well. Your mom seems like she was the greatest mom ever and that she would've loved LW and his beautiful daughters. In fact, I know she is having a ball watching you spend time with the love of your life.

Have a wonderful time in Cancun.