Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday is HERE!

Have a super Friday my friends! I’m looking forward to some family time with LW and Kassidy. It’s been awhile since the three of us have been together.

Kassidy was away in April on Spring Break with friends and most of the weekends LW was suppose to have Kass, he was away at basketball camp, so the two of them have been having dinner in the evenings to get caught up, and of course those evenings they met, I have had appointments.

We have some activities with friends planned this weekend. We’re going to introduce Kassidy to the neighbor kids, since this summer her and LW will be moving in….AND I CAN’T WAIT.

On a side note, I’m painting Kassidy’s room a light purple color and then I’m gonna glam it up. I’ll be sure to post pictures when the room is complete. I’m going to surprise her too! She’s told me in the past that she has always wanted a purple room, so it will be fun to catch the surprise in her eyes when she sees her new room at my house. I swear I’m all giddy about it!!!

Happy Weekend! Be safe and enjoy it wherever you are!


Unknown said...

Have a great weekend Danica! BTW, I love the idea of a purple bedroom and surprising here is awesome! No wonder she loves you!!!

Julie D said...

Sounds like fun.

BTW, what did you decide about Mexico? Are you going for sure now?

Unknown said...

She is going to love the light purple. I saw a really cute idea for a little girl's room. The walls were lavender and as they were getting painted, and still wet, iridescent glitter would be thrown onto the walls. It made a really princess-y feel.

Hope Kassidy loves the kids in the neighborhood. That will help her to be settled in in no time. How often will she be with you and LW?

Danica said...

@Julie - we are going to Mexico. As long as the airline will fly we will travel!

@CCDD - Kass will be with us every other weekend, however he has talked about getting her for the entire summer!

I love the glitter idea!

crrv said...

That's so nice of you to make her feel at home. I hope the transition goes smooth for everyone.

travel girl said...

So exciting they are moving in. Tons of fun to glam up her room!

Coloradolady said...

How fun! What a fun suprise. I am sure she will be just head over are such a sweetheart! Have fun and have a good weekend.

Kristen said...

I cannot wait to see the glammed up purple room for Kassidy! I'm sure she will LOVE it!