Monday, April 13, 2009


That's the game I'm playing today.

S = sounds like shit. I cough, it hurts. I laugh, I cough.

I = itchy, runny, watery eyes. My contacts hurt so bad now.

C = casualty of war. That is how I feel today. I feel like every limb in my body hurts.

K = kidding myself because I'm at work, spreading this shit, but I have an important meeting that I cannot miss.

::sigh:: When will I learn to stay home and rest? I have cabin fever though. I stayed home all weekend (for the most part) and I even missed Easter dinner with LW's family because he didn't want me spreading the germs.

Make it stop!


Liz said...

hope you're feeling better soon! go home after your meeting!

Dawna Drake said...

I am so bad for not staying home and resting when I should...

Feel better!

Unknown said...

I'm surprised your co-workers aren't following you around with a can of Lysol! Hope you're able to go home after your meeting.

Take care of yourself.

travel girl said...

Feel better soon!

Sucks to be sick!