Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night light or boyfriend for sale. Any takers?

I love my master bathroom night light. Not because I’m scared of the dark, but because I don’t want to trip and fall flat on my ars in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom.

We have night light drama in our house.

I turn it on when the sun goes down.

LW turns it off just to get under my skin.

I turn it back on and ask him to please not turn it off again.

LW turns it right back off and goes running out of the room.

I turn it back on since he’s gone from the bathroom and downstairs.

LW turns it back off when he goes to bed (I’m always in bed first).

When I get up to go to the bathroom at 2am I can’t see a DAMN thing because he has turned it back off.

I stub my toe, or feel for the wall, because remember I wear glasses and of course I don’t see without them and my vision is WAY WAY bad, like almost blind bad, that I have to feel around in the dark to turn BACK ON the night light.

And so the drama continues


Julie D said...

I think it's time to threaten to withhold sex if he turns it off again. That should do the trick. LOL

Liz said...

We have one in our hallway that emits just a little bit of blue light. And it only comes on when it's dark. (it's square) Option for you??

Unknown said...

I think LW and Boo are related! Boo keeps turning off the lights even if I step away for 10 seconds. He'll say, "Sorry, didn't know you were using it still." Maybe you can put a dimmer on the light so that when he goes to sleep, it is dim enough not to wake him up but light enough for you to move around.

travel girl said...

I second Jules:)