Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My favorite little things part two.

This week my favorite things are:

- Twilight the book. OMG I can't put it down! This weekend I'll be on to reading New Mooon.

- LW for surprising me last night and telling me he's moving in when his lease is up in 60 days. YAY

- My friends for inviting me to the NKOTB concert over the weekend. I haven't had that much fun with a group of girls in a long time.

- Vacation in 32 days!!!! Cancun here I come.

- Tanning beds for allowing me to hide my cellulite.

- The gym because I honestly don't mind going now. I love feeling good!!!!

Happy Tuesday friends!


Unknown said...

Yay... those are all such awesome things (although I must admit, I'm totally jealous about the Cancun trip! :)

Unknown said...

I wish I liked going to the gym!

Cancun will be great and I'm sure, much needed for you. Is work still pretty crazy?

Wow! In 60 days....you'll have your boo with you. Nice!

Julie D said...

I have all 4 books if you need them....

Dawna Drake said...

Wait until you get to the last book, you won't be able to put it down!

travel girl said...

Moving in together, Yea!