Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday

Holy much has happened over the last few days!

1. I made the cover of the Other Paper with a group of wonderful friends. You can read about it here. Be sure to scroll through the pictures. We had so much fun! I love those girls. Two of them however are people I don't know, and two of our group were not

2. LW and I celebrated 11 months together yesterday. Tonight we shall celebrate with dinner and some wine.

3. I was sick and mowed the lawn last night. I couldn't help it. My grass was so TALL and I was embarrassed to pull in my driveway. It was so tall the mower gave out on me three times! LW wasn't home last night or else I doubt I would have been able to get away with mowing. He was not too pleased when he got home, given how sick and coughy I was all day.

4. The travel company we booked Cancun through moved our departure date to Sunday, May 10th, therefore our return date is Saturday night (Bunco night) so now I'll have to miss Bunco that month! :(

5. I finished Twilight last night and now I'm on to the second book, New Moon. My gosh those books are hard to put down. This weekend I will be watching Twilight. I can't wait!

Happy Easter weekend friends.


Kim and Dave said...

Did you think there were a few scenes in the book that were hot? The one where they just touch? It blew my mind!

Danica said...

Oh yes, I did! I'm just waiting on him to bite her so she'll never age.

Unknown said...

Haven't read the book but I've heard lots about it. That's so cool you're famous! The pictures showed all of you having a ball.

Congratulations on 11 months together. Hope your celebration is great!

travel girl said...

Awesome pic on the cover!!

Eleven months together, so great. I'm sure you are looking forward to Cancun!!!Missing bunko will be worth it.