Friday, April 24, 2009


Yup, you've heard it right. LW and I talked last night and we are eloping....this year.

No he hasn't asked me to marry him...yet.

But we know it's coming...and we know we are meant for each other.

Last night we went to happy hour after work, which is often times a dangerous time for LW and myself. We tend to be more open and honest with brews in front of us. HA! So I took the plunge last night and said we should elope this year. He said he was all for it and can't imagine loving anyone else for the rest of his life (insert an AHHHH here - damn I'm lucky).

So now the question is....where do we elope?

So far we have thought about:
- Paris, France (we wouldn't be able to get married this year if we went to Paris though - we want to turn this into a two week adventure when we go)
- Hawaii
- Turks and Cacios (my number 1 pick)
- Las Vegas (but NOT with Elvis!)
- Cancun NEXT MONTH (I told him I wasn't ready weight wise, dress wise or hair wise - HA)

Do tell where you would elope if you had the chance? I'm curious to see what's out there!!!!


Allison said...

First of all...AWWWWW!!!! I can't even imagine how over the moon you must be!!!!

I would probably choose Cancun, but that's b/c I've been there. I'd do the all-inclusive thing where they set up the wedding and you don't have to think about much of anything. And you're already headed there, so it wouldn't cost anything extra... ;)

Would he want to have his daughters there, though?

Liz said...

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! That's so crazy!!!! :) :) :) :) I'd probably do some sort of all-inclusive. Maybe do a week all inclusive and then a week somewhere else.

I agree with Allison...wouldn't he want his daughters there? (and wouldn't they want to be involved??)

Julie D said...

Well I think if you elope outside the country you still have to get married here to make it legal, right? So that kind of defeats the purpose.

I'd pick a beach wedding. Combine it with the honeymoon and let the resort take care of all the details. You just show up barefoot and gorgeous on the beach!

Vegas is okay as long as you avoid the drive thru wedding chapel. LOL

Danica said...

He didn't want his daughters involved. He said he wanted just us. My whole proposal was, we could do something private and small at Creekside in Gahanna with the girls and our BFF's and then have a party when we get back from the honeymoon, but he wants to go away and get married. His choice, since I've done this twice already and I have no kids, my mom's not alive and my dad is racist.

Kim and Dave said...

If I were to elope, it would be somewhere solitary, on a beach, warm, with nobody else. An officiant and whoever was walking by to witness.

Amy said...

Could you elope to St. Thomas since it's a US territory? I would think it would be a legally recognized marriage by the US then. That's my vote!

p.s. How exciting!!!! :)

Danica said...

HA! I honeymooned in St Thomas for my second marriage, so that's definately out. Although it was so pretty there!

travel girl said...

HOW AWESOME!! I'm soooo happy for you!

I agree with Jules, showing up on the beach, beautiful:)

Unknown said...

I also agree with Julie. A beach wedding would be so romantic. Not only that, staying at a resort would make it even more special of a honeymoon.

I'm so excited and happy for you!

Sue said...

I would totally do it while you guys were away in Cancun. Seriously. I mean, basically you've both agreed now that you're going to get married, right? You've done this twice before, him once. I say you pick a spot you love down there and say your vows and make it official.

You don't need a perfect dress, or perfect hair, or the perfect body. He loves you the way you are, now. Yes, you'd have to make it official in the US, but a quick trip to the courthouse can do that, and you could have a party with friends after your courthouse visit.

I think doing it spur of the moment while on vacation is far more romantic than planning it for months ahead of time, stressing and worrying and trying to make it perfect.

Regardless, congrats!!

Danica said...

Actually LW has never been married. :-) He's been engaged, but never married.

I actually had a friend who got married in Jamaica and you don't need to get 'remarried' in the US. It's a legal marriage. I think you just have to file the paperwork.

I don't know if I can get married in two weeks. I mean I suppose I could, but I'm just nervous thinking about it! I need time to prepare! HA

Unknown said...


That's awesome!!!

I'd do it on a beach. In Cancun. In a few weeks. :) Screw your weight, hair and height! :)

Dawna Drake said...

My husband and I actually did elope last summer. We got married in vegas (although the vegas trip was planned before the elopement part was thought up) and we did the elvis thing lol. The city is fun and there are some pretty romantic places but my vote is for turks and caicos or hawaii but only because i've heard cancun is really more of a party type place...

We are the Ferrari's said...

Yay!!!! Danica, I am so happy for you!

DEFINITLEY Turks and Caicos by far! My dream place! :)

Crystal (t.d) said...

Whoa! Wait. What? HUH? AWESOME!!!!! I'm so happy for you! As much as I love the beachy destinations outside of the US, if you have to get re-married here, that does defeat the purpose. Key West, perhaps? Just google Key West Weddings To Go. Cheap, on the beach, and beautiful!

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ladybugDZ said...

OMG!! How exciting!!! I am so happy for you!

Fragrant Liar said...

Congrats! When you know it's right, you just know. Good for you guys. I vote Turks and Caicos.

Andrea said...

I agree with Colleen, screw your weight, hair, etc. LW loves you for you.

Get married in Mexico!

Congrats :)