Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LW's Beautiful Daughters

I'm so fortunate to date a man who has two beautiful and wonderful daughters. Both are amazing kids.

Lauren is 18

Kassidy is 10

For so long I wanted my own babies. But the older I get the more complicated it becomes physically for me and the more I talk myself out of wanting one. I'm perfectly happy with being a family with LW and his girls. Each of them make me happy and make me laugh until my belly hurts.

I'm very lucky. Period.

Anonymous Poster

I had an anonymous poster post something rude to my blog last night. Seriously what provokes people to be so rude? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all. I’m all for criticism, but being down right rude is uncalled for. I did not do anything but post about my weekend. You know where I was all sunburned? What’s wrong with talking about that?

I can only assume it was one of three people:

1. My second ex husband – need I say more?
2. My ex husband’s ding bat girlfriend who use to be a friend - not a good one
3. An internet stalker (HA)

Since last night I have blocked anonymous posters. No need to listen to their rantings and ravings about how stupid I am and how I should watch what I post on the internet. I agree that people should watch what they post on the internet. For those reasons you’ll never see me post my last name, my address, my city or anything along those lines. Only my friends and family need that info. I’m as careful as I can be, however if someone wants to find you bad enough, it’s not that hard to find them I’m sure.

At any rate, to my anonymous poster…I’m glad you find me so amusing. But until you can actually get an ID and identify yourself, you’ll never have the ability to be rude to me again. Enjoy life being an ass. Go harass someone else who gives a poop.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

On this segment of "Thankful Tuesday" I'd like to say:

- I'm happy I don't have the swine flu but wish to hell people would leave me alone about going to Cancun. We're going. Period.

- I'm blessed to have LW in my life. Every day is an adventure with him.

- I'm glad someone invented gum. Without it, I'd probably eat everything in sight on a daily basis!

- I'm happy I have a cell phone so I can annoy my 14 year old nephew with text messages. He loves it and he knows it!

- I'm ssssoooo happy I have a gym membership. I'm working my ass off there now that I'm done being sick. I missed two weeks, gained two pounds and now I'm on a journey to work those two pounds back off. Damn sickness! Gets ya every time.

- I couldn't be happier in life. I don't remember a time when I was this happy. The only thing missing is being able to tell my mom about it..but she knows.

Happy Tuesday friends!

To steal a line from a friend on my Nestie Chat Board: I'll be okay in Cancun as long as I don't get jiggy with a piggy. OMG that makes me laugh!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pasty White + Hot Ass Sun = FRIED

I'm a super red crispy critter today.

Yesterday I woke up at 7:45am thanks to my wonderful neighbor who thinks it's okay to mow at the ass crack of dawn. Seriously? What was he thinking? I was out late at a volunteer GTG the night before and was looking forward to sleeping least until 9am.

So thanks to the neighbor I was in my yard working by around 10am. I have three trees in the back yard so I was going to trim them up, weed them, mulch and feed them. After I was done with that I mowed, weed whacked (I love that word!) and trimmed. I spent easily 4 hours in the sun..unprotected. My shoulders are scortching hot and it's funny because I have a white arm band mark where I had my iPod arm band on. HA! Dork!!!

The shower was not the best place to be this morning. Lots of 'ooooohs' and 'aaahhhhs' and not in the good way. I even slept on the couch last night because I was radiating heat all night!

Anyway, 13 days until I'm sunning myself in Cancun.

And I will have sunscreen with me then!!!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yup, you've heard it right. LW and I talked last night and we are eloping....this year.

No he hasn't asked me to marry him...yet.

But we know it's coming...and we know we are meant for each other.

Last night we went to happy hour after work, which is often times a dangerous time for LW and myself. We tend to be more open and honest with brews in front of us. HA! So I took the plunge last night and said we should elope this year. He said he was all for it and can't imagine loving anyone else for the rest of his life (insert an AHHHH here - damn I'm lucky).

So now the question is....where do we elope?

So far we have thought about:
- Paris, France (we wouldn't be able to get married this year if we went to Paris though - we want to turn this into a two week adventure when we go)
- Hawaii
- Turks and Cacios (my number 1 pick)
- Las Vegas (but NOT with Elvis!)
- Cancun NEXT MONTH (I told him I wasn't ready weight wise, dress wise or hair wise - HA)

Do tell where you would elope if you had the chance? I'm curious to see what's out there!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Things Thursday

I missed posting this on Tuesday like I said I would. Not sure what got into my brain on Tuesday. Perhaps I still have lingering affects from this stupid cold.

So here goes my favorites this week:

- The picture on Julie's blog - OMG seriously that is the funniest thing I've seen today!

- Diet Dr Pepper: I didn't sleep last night - the couch was cold - and LW snores!

- Chocolate: for making life so much sweeter

- The sun because it's fine ass is going to be shining this weekend and I have lots to do OUTSIDE

- Friendship because no matter how upset I get at my friends, I still love them and they still love me (Bev knows what I'm talking about!)

- Jewelry because it makes me happy to be pimped out in my very best

- My new Juicy sunglasses - LOVE THEM

Happy Thursday friends. The week is almost ova!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I seriously could eat chocolate Period.

I'm the candy girl at work. I keep loads of chocolate at my desk. In fact four bags of Reese Cups (and eggs) and a bag of Nestle Treasures are sitting in my cubical waiting on my co-workers this week. What's sad, is we will get through most of that this week!!! Stress eating? I think so!

I stock up about once a week. And sometimes with the help of my co-workers who expect the chocolate to keep coming. HA!

One chocolate item that is hard to keep around are Peppermint Patties. Don't ask me why, but those suckers are gone in two days!!!

What's your favorite chocolate?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My father is a racist.

I'm beyond upset over a conversation I just had with my father. I was so excited to tell him that LW is moving in. And of course after I told him he got quiet and tried to change the subject. So I pushed it further by telling him we had been talking about getting married. His exact words "Don't invite me to the wedding." Imagine the hurt and the pain in realizing that your parent is a racist. My mom would have accepted LW with open arms. I'm so upset right now.

Later on I told him that we would like to come see him this summer and he said that wouldn't be a good idea. OMG What is happening in this world? It didn't matter that my second husband hit me and pushed me down a flight of stairs. He's white, so that makes it okay. Yet I find the most amazing man who treats me with the respect I deserve and he's not acceptable by my father's standards because of the color of his skin?

I'm angry.

I'm hurt.

I'm embarrassed.

How do I tell LW that my father doesn't accept him? The rest of my family (sibilings, nieces, nephews, and inlaws) love LW. At Christmas my oldest sister said she hopes he becomes a part of the family.

My dad said I wouldn't understand his generation. LW's mom is older than my father and she is accepting of me. His entire family is!

I told him he had pretty much shoved me out of his life by not accepting LW. He said something to the effect "Well that's how I feel. You should love who you love but don't expect me to be happy and want to see you with them."

I so just want to pick up the phone and talk to my mom about this. She would know all of the right words to say to make me feel better.

My dad has always been a bitter, angry person. He's very difficult to like. He's negative, hurtful and never happy. After my mom passed away (they were divorced for years before she died) we became closer and I thought he lost some of his anger. But I guess not.

How in the world can I make this better?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm pretty sick.

Since last Friday I have been coughing like you wouldn't believe....terrible terrible chest cold. So bad infact, I missed Easter dinner with LW's family because I couldn't walk a foot and not cough. Insane.

Finally yesterday I go to the doctor. I was coughing so bad and tasting blood that the nurse as soon as I got to the office pulled me into the back, took my vitals (temp up, blood pressure up), and pulled my doctor from another patient's room. She was scared. I had a hard time breathing/talking because I was coughing so much.

Long long story short...I fought with the doctor to NOT have me admitted to the hospital..yes I am that bad. So I told him I would take care of myself and not over do it. If my heart/chest (I've had terrible chest pains) does not feel better by Friday morning I am to be admitted. We **think** the chest and heart pain is from the force of my cough, so he wanted me to monitor it for the next day.

I am to NOT be alone. Funny thing is, LW had Kass last night so he had to stay at his place and he is suppose to go out of town for a basketball camp this weekend. I begged him to go, so as of right now it's **tenative** that he's going. Depends on how today goes. My BFF lives behind me so it's not like I don't have someone near by.

It's all so scary. I had no idea I was that sick. The funny thing is, I went to work Mon, Tues and Weds. I annoyed the hell out of my co-workers, but you have no idea how scared I am to call in sick and lose my job. I know it's ridiculous...I'll take the whippings later when I feel better. HA

I am at work today, but the meds seem to be working. I'm coughing less, however I still have the chest pain. I'm on three meds which by the grace of God will get me healthy again.

I have never been this sick.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my mom's 69th birthday. It's hard to think about not being able to call her or have dinner with her to celebrate. I was not able to make it to the cemetary today so on Sunday LW and I drove to the cemetary so I could lay flowers on her grave. I didn't cry, more so because a whole crowd of people were by a surrounding gravesite.

I miss her every day. Every day I wish I could tell her about LW...or about my day...or ask advice...or listen to her talk about her friends...or take her shopping. I have difficult days without her and today is one of them.

I know she's up in heaven having the time of her life. But it's still so unfair that today she's not with us.

Happy Birthday Mom...I miss you.

Monday, April 13, 2009


That's the game I'm playing today.

S = sounds like shit. I cough, it hurts. I laugh, I cough.

I = itchy, runny, watery eyes. My contacts hurt so bad now.

C = casualty of war. That is how I feel today. I feel like every limb in my body hurts.

K = kidding myself because I'm at work, spreading this shit, but I have an important meeting that I cannot miss.

::sigh:: When will I learn to stay home and rest? I have cabin fever though. I stayed home all weekend (for the most part) and I even missed Easter dinner with LW's family because he didn't want me spreading the germs.

Make it stop!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday

Holy much has happened over the last few days!

1. I made the cover of the Other Paper with a group of wonderful friends. You can read about it here. Be sure to scroll through the pictures. We had so much fun! I love those girls. Two of them however are people I don't know, and two of our group were not

2. LW and I celebrated 11 months together yesterday. Tonight we shall celebrate with dinner and some wine.

3. I was sick and mowed the lawn last night. I couldn't help it. My grass was so TALL and I was embarrassed to pull in my driveway. It was so tall the mower gave out on me three times! LW wasn't home last night or else I doubt I would have been able to get away with mowing. He was not too pleased when he got home, given how sick and coughy I was all day.

4. The travel company we booked Cancun through moved our departure date to Sunday, May 10th, therefore our return date is Saturday night (Bunco night) so now I'll have to miss Bunco that month! :(

5. I finished Twilight last night and now I'm on to the second book, New Moon. My gosh those books are hard to put down. This weekend I will be watching Twilight. I can't wait!

Happy Easter weekend friends.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have my sick poopy pants on.

I'm sick today.

Coughing so loud it shakes my cubical.

My chest hurts to the point that I wish someone would remove the elephant from it.

My eyes are burning and desire to be closed, but the problem here is I am at work and I think if I get caught sleeping at my desk that might be one strike against me.

The good news is I haven't had a cold in more than a year, so that's not too shabby, when I use to get sick all of the time. Stress plays a HUGE part in sickness and I swear working out does too. HA! All of those germy machines at the gym. Tell me you don't get sick from working out?

Back to faking work today.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My favorite little things part two.

This week my favorite things are:

- Twilight the book. OMG I can't put it down! This weekend I'll be on to reading New Mooon.

- LW for surprising me last night and telling me he's moving in when his lease is up in 60 days. YAY

- My friends for inviting me to the NKOTB concert over the weekend. I haven't had that much fun with a group of girls in a long time.

- Vacation in 32 days!!!! Cancun here I come.

- Tanning beds for allowing me to hide my cellulite.

- The gym because I honestly don't mind going now. I love feeling good!!!!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

NKOTB Concert

I must say this was by far the best concert that I have ever been to. I've seen Prince and Rascal Flatts and those were great concerts, but NKOTB was the most fun I have ever had at a concert.

I danced until my feet hurt.

I laughed until my head ached.

And I hung out with some of the greatest girls I have ever met.

So.Much.Fun. Period.

And Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jordan and Jonathan are still gorgeous...are still hot...and still have the right stuff.


After the concert we headed to Sugar (it's a local bar) and we waited...and waited...and waited for Donnie to show up. And you know what? He did! And we got to see him up close. Damn he's still sexy.

Below are the pictures from the evening:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Please wish Julie Happy Blogging Anniversary

Happy blogging Anniversary Julie!!! Please hop on over to Julie's Blog to wish her well. She's shooting for over a 100 posts today, so help a girl out!

I'd be happy if I got 6 posts in one day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night light or boyfriend for sale. Any takers?

I love my master bathroom night light. Not because I’m scared of the dark, but because I don’t want to trip and fall flat on my ars in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom.

We have night light drama in our house.

I turn it on when the sun goes down.

LW turns it off just to get under my skin.

I turn it back on and ask him to please not turn it off again.

LW turns it right back off and goes running out of the room.

I turn it back on since he’s gone from the bathroom and downstairs.

LW turns it back off when he goes to bed (I’m always in bed first).

When I get up to go to the bathroom at 2am I can’t see a DAMN thing because he has turned it back off.

I stub my toe, or feel for the wall, because remember I wear glasses and of course I don’t see without them and my vision is WAY WAY bad, like almost blind bad, that I have to feel around in the dark to turn BACK ON the night light.

And so the drama continues