Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday! T.G.I.F.

I am so unbelievably happy that it's Friday. I'm whipped (and not in the good way!). I have so much going on this weekend...Bunco tonight with some girls and my 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday...woot woot. While I can't wait for all of the fun, it will be a relief when Sunday rolls around so I can lay on my butt all day.

Ever feel like life is traveling by so fast? In less than two months I'll be in Cancun with LW (hopefully getting engaged - HA!), then in June we'll be in Orlando doing the Disney thing with his family. July brings about a girls weekend in Chicago....yipppeeee! August is when college football starts up, and then we're back to the cold fall/winter months and the cycle then repeats itself.

How did that happen?

I'll be 40 before I know it! to get a drink now. I can't stand the thought of being my Mom's age! Growing up I always thought my Mom was 40 and old. HA! Now look at me? I'm three months away from 36, 4 years away from 40 and about 22 years away from the age my Mom was when she died. Holy f-ing cow. Wasn't I 21 about three weeks ago?

Oh wait, that's right...I thought I was 21, but then I woke up from that dream and reality slapped me right in the face.

Happy Friday the 13th my friends. Get your drink'o on this weekend!


Julie said...

I'm ready for the weekend especially since I'll be spending it with YOU. :)

Danica Lynn said...

AH Shucks!

travel girl said...

Ummm..I'm 45 so I'm like REALLY old;)

I want to come to the party. Sounds like a complete blast!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I feel ancient! I'm also 45 so yikes! Have a great time at Bunco and then the St. Patty's celebration!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh for Christsakes, you're still a baby! I'm 51, and let me tell you, sister, I get better every year. Never, EVER worry about getting older. Trust me, it's nothing to worry about.

Eric said...

Green Beer Here I come!

FYI - I spent my Friday the 13th night pulling down wallpaper - Details on the blog, of course!