Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm back from my computer hiatus.

Boy was it nice to be away from the computer. LW would drag out the laptop and I denied it every day...Fri through Sun. Sometimes it's good to be away from the drama.

My weekend was good. I was extremly busy cleaning out the guest bedroom closets and the master bedroom closet. I am a huge clothes and shoe horse, so I did my best to make room for LW's things when he officially moves in this summer.

I did so much organizing of shoes, clothes, scrapbooking materials, crafts, etc. By Saturday night I was exhausted!!!! I had started Thursday night. My house looked like a war zone for a couple of days. Who knew one person could have SO MUCH STUFF!!!

I have yet to move my old bed out of the guest room to make room for Kassidy's things. I'm hopeful I can find a buyer for the bed so that I don't have to move that huge ass bed to the basement (it's a california king)! I plan on painting the room purple for Kassidy once that bed is gone.

Other than that, we watched a lot of basketball, shopped for summer clothes for vacation and ate out with friends. It's always good to see our friends Chris and Chuck.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awesome! I didn't know that LW and Kassidy would be moving in! How often will Kassidy be with you? Will he be moving in after your vacation trip?

Glad that you were able to rest and get some cleaning done.

Danica Lynn said...

She will be with us every other weekend and on random days of the week. I'm hoping he gets her for the summer!