Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darn you Simi!

My friend Simi is getting a new car...or at the very least talking about this new car she is wanting/purchasing/lusting over...making me jealous over. HA!

And because of her I'm BACK to drooling over the car that I want soooooo bad right now.

LW told me I could get it but what does he know? He doesn't control my money...we don't live seriously what does he have to lose by telling me to go for it? HA! I told him I'm going to wait until he moves in to get a new car...although I must say...I drool more and more every day over this vehicle. WAAHHHHHH I just financially don't want to make that commitment to a new car until I become a two income household with him.

The car I drive now is great....been wrecked once and had a bullet hole repaired recently, but it's a super car (2005 Honda Accord Sedan). Beautiful car, so why do I lust over the Mercedes C300??? Because that car rides like no other car I have been in. The seats hug my butt and make me feel all nice and secure. The surround sound is amazing...the ride is smooth...shit Simi if I come home with a car this weekend, I'll be sure to send you the payment book!!!

I need to go focus on something else......


Allison said...

Beautiful, Danica! What color would you get?

Although I'm jealous of your 2005 Honda Accord. DH's Accord is 1998 and I have a teeny Corolla. :)

travel girl said...

My dream car is a 5 series BMW!

Big dream!

Simi said...

sorry to be a bad influence!!!