Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bones in the floor board, Julie and her Mary Kay, and a conversation with my Mother.

HUH???? Did I really dream all of that last night? Who would have thought that one Tylenol PM would put me in such a state of relaxation to the point where I'm cramming everything and anything I can dream about into one night!

Bones in the Floor Board:
Really? I was an investagator on a case and I was searching for a missing body and low and behold the bones were buried beneath the floor board of some old house. See I have been thinking about a career change. All of my adult life I have wanted to go back to school and study forensic science and the more the economy changes, the more I want to go back to school and focus on a career change. Don't know if I could make it happen, but it's worth thinking about anyway.

Julie and Mary Kay:
See Julie and I have a passion for expensive purses. In my dream Julie gave me a designer purse of hers that she no longer wanted. Inside of the ugliest purse I have ever was navy with lime green on the inside...and it had like 50 billion pockets....was the largest stash of Mary Kay I have ever seen. First off I don't even know if Julie uses Mary Kay and second off the eye shadow shades were insanely ugly....blues...greens...purples. The funniest part was I offered to give her the Mary Kay back and she said no way. WILD

Conversation with my Mother:
I have been missing her like crazy lately. I'll be thinking about something fun and happy and in the next minute she'll pop into my head and I'll be sad for a bit. But last night in my dream her and I talked. I don't know about what, but I remember feeling comfort and peace with the conversation. Honestly it was so real. I woke up thinking I had just really talked to her and that all along I was just dreaming she died. That's the part that hurts the most.

All in all I had some crazy messed up dreams. I think I'm ....missing Julie, needing a career change and missing my momma!


Liz said...

crazy!! wonder if your mom was really talking to you and telling you to be at peace because she is?

i get crazy dreams on tylenol pm, too. i can only take 1 and i should only take 1/2 of one at that!

Julie said...

Ahahahahahahahhahaa....I swear if I find a Coach in those colors I am going to buy it for you! I do wear some Mary Kay, but it's old stuff. I think that part of the dream must come from my "Realtor Glamour Shot", and that you think I really needed more makeup! LOL

Definitely think your Mom was talking to you. I firmly believe in those "dreams". I keep telling my sister it's okay to come and talk to me, I can handle it now, but she hasn't so far. I keep hoping though...

I miss you and I'm glad I'll see you Friday night! :)

travel girl said...

I also have a passion for expensive purses.
One day I will own a Chanel handbag!